LESS (Review by Deathspark)

Jumping onto the 35th album, I’m stepping onto not very known territory. LESS, an album by AVTechNO! has been recommended by one of you guys out there, so I thought “Hey, I can’t just sit around waiting for stuff to happen, am I right? So! Without further ado, let’s see what this album has to offer. One thing is certain, I will see a lot of techno songs (Based on the name itself) and AVTechNO! isn’t really an unknown kind of guy either. I have listened songs from AVTechNO! before so I probably already have a feel on how his songs will be like. Let’s see if I’m right.

Album: LESS
Genre: Calm/Techno
Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/less-ep/id1036048997
Tracks: 10 Tracks
Song Highlight:

ater (Track 1) I’d safely assume is an intro for this album, since it’s only 2 minutes. Yes, typical intros, very ambient, bringing the pace up slowly to turn up the heat. This is exactly how I pictured AVTechNO!, that techno feeling that tells me “Yes, this is techno music alright.” The build-up is well done, not too fast, not too slow. Think of it as a game title, it works if you ask me.

What I like

sister/sister (Track 2) is quite impressive I must say. The main feature here is Miku’s voice. The song isn’t particularly very loud, but Miku’s voice is so good, it makes up for the song’s slower pace. It feels like I’m drifting through an empty space full of memories of an abandoned computer. Have I mentioned it does chain up well with the intro? It does, and the feeling from the intro carries over into this song. This song would be perfect for a scene where there is desperation, I can feel it, especially in a futuristic scene. As expected, this is how AVTechNO!’s songs work.

sister (Track 6) is, like track 2? I can see the name similarity… This time however, the song is much louder faster, frantic and gives you a much more endangered feel. Imagine the desperation feeling from track 2, but this time it’s even more desperate. It has more energy, much more emotion and Miku’s voice and passion is as powerful as in track 2. Think of it as a sequel to track 2.

What I don’t like

flat (Track 3) is good, however, the build-up is way too long… the good part only comes after a very long time, which is unfortunate, and yes, once again, this is how AVTechNO!’s songs are usually done, build-ups. It didn’t gain my interest as the build-up was way too long for me.

ReA (Track 4) as well, plays a very long build-up which can be quite boring for me. It’s good for ambient times, but it just doesn’t play well for me because it’s a little too slow and dull as there isn’t much of a kick in it.

humain (Track 5), on shore (Track 7), music (Track 8) will be my same comment based on track 4. charmeee (Track 9) wasn’t slow however, but it’s not extremely good either. XX.dark lion (Track 10) is, a little weird? Just, not for me perhaps…


If you like ambient or heavy techno songs, this may be an album for you. Not recommended for people who like traditional instruments or rock songs, this may not float well for you, though I won’t say it will not suit you.

Should you buy this album? : Maybe? (50%)
Will Deathspark buy this album? : Probably not (20%)

I can safely say, AVTechNO! is not really one of my super favorites, but what I can say is, the songs made by him is definitely a great treat for techno lovers.

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