Lines of Logic (Review by Deathspark)

The 47th album is an extremely unfamiliar territory for me, but I’m willing to check it out. Lines of Logic is a free album by Samuel Wright, and since I have no idea about this artist I’ll just see what I can expect from the album.

Album: Lines of Logic
Genre: Rock
Tracks: 6 Tracks
Song Highlight:

This album does not have an intro.

What I like

None of the songs here appeal to me, not even the slightest.

What I don’t like

Sadly, this album doesn’t make me feel anything. The songs were really… plain. They made me feel sleepy and bored, but in a bad way. I am having a hard time trying to enjoy the songs because it felt like the Vocaloids can’t sing well together with the rock songs. It’s as if the creator was trying to mix 2 completely different songs but can’t seem to get the perfect combination. Yeah, it’s that bad. I must also point out that even without the Vocaloids singing in it, I wouldn’t like it anyway because it felt very bland. Also worth mentioning is when I hear English in this album, it’s extremely hard to understand in one go. Perhaps the tuning wasn’t good. I can only understand certain lyrics when the song’s rock isn’t too loud. Even if I tried to ignore the bad English, I still couldn’t enjoy the songs at all.


I am not sure how I can recommend this to anyone, but at least it’s free. Who knows, you may probably enjoy it?

Should you buy this album? : Maybe? (50%) [It’s free anyway, so just go ahead and try it yourself.]
Will Deathspark buy this album? : No (0%)

If I had to pay for this album, I’d instantly shoot a no.

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