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I know I didn’t review any albums last week, reason being, my laptop broke down! (Ouch… ;_;) So I couldn’t work and was busy doing things the hard way. So, if you are thinking, where’s the next review? Not yet! It will come. Anyway, instead of talking about an album, I have some things to share and hopefully, some of you may find this useful, because I know I did. This article is dedicated to people who want a better listening experience or just wondering if their listening experience can get any better.

You see, as someone who loves music so much, equipment and good software is almost a must. If your headphone is good but your software or hardware is bad, don’t expect much. The same story applies if your headphone is bad as well.

For my case, the software and hardware were god awful. Like, holy schmoly can they get any worse? The bass is too high, the sound is way too muffled, I can barely enjoy my 5 star songs! For the curious, I got an ASUS A555lf. It is a budget laptop, I know, but hey it’s something. Anyway, the sound coming from this laptop is HORRENDOUS! Let me point this out, I’m wearing an Audio Technica M-30X, a DJ headphone I loved and praised until today, failing at sound? You’ve gotta be kidding me! The laptop was at fault, I’m 110% sure.

Of course, I troubleshooted normally. Redownloaded drivers, adjusted equalizers, didn’t help much except increasing and decreasing volumes. Sure, I can feel the bass and trebles increasing and dropping, but it just feels empty and boring. Feeling depressed, I kept thinking of ways to fix this, until I recalled a method I used back then for supreme sound.

Back with my old laptop, it had a very good sound equalizer, enabling me to change bass, treble and whatever I like to my heart’s content. It was amazing. (Waves MAXX for the curious) I had a software which was good for gaming and had excellent surround, and that was Razer Surround. Back then, I did not use this because it clashed with my drivers, so I decided not to use it since my current equalizer is good enough.

Okay, before you bombard me with “You sellout!” or whatever assuming I’m a Razer fan geek (Which I’m not because I prefer Steelseries), I seriously was impressed with the major overhaul coming from this software. I swear, it’s seriously good and the best part is, it works on any stereo headphone. Yes, your scrappy old earbuds will do just fine.

Just download this:Β

And you will be on your way to music heaven.

But wait, definitely, you have doubts, so, let me clarify a few things. Yes, Razer is indeed dedicated to gaming, but as a person who listens to music a lot, looks like they don’t joke around making this software. The sound is crisp and that 7.1 surround is just overwhelmingly impressive. This is a must have for laptop pumping out pathetic quality sound.

Of course, this is for laptops that just suck in terms of sound quality. You can try it on high end laptops though I doubt it will change the feeling much. In addition, maybe some of you are bass lovers, so maybe this software may not really fit your taste, but you will notice a huge difference. It may work on desktops too, if they are bad.

Also, I did say earlier that

I know, perhaps this isn’t too Vocaloid related, but I thought since you guys listen to Vocaloid, it’s also important that the equipment you are using is perfect right? It’s still under music, so I hope you guys would find this very useful.

Anyway, I promise an album review next week, and thank you for reading my mini story.

  1. Thanks this will help. But I always listen vocaloid using my android phone. Just a little tweak at the equalizer and a good pair of samsung earphones makes it all good.

    • πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, as I review songs, I am critical and constantly give ratings, so I’m afraid I can’t use my phone to do that because I have a stockpile of songs (Almost 50GB if I recall…) and most of them (Approx 80%) are yet to be rated, so I’ll stick to my laptop. But hey, as long as it sounds good, stick to it.

  2. JetAudio seems nice too, I use it for my laptop and tablet.
    (well, I use my samsung earphones always but it still gives that deep bass and crystal clear sounds)

  3. I use my smartphone
    so for those who use smartphone as well I recommend using PowerAMP
    its paid app,but you can try full ver for free with limited time,its 250% worth the money,and my luck is high,when I want to get it they give discount so the price is next to nothing πŸ˜€
    super satisfied with the app,have been using for months,no bug,a hell lot of use,what I love the most is that I can set as much equalizer set as I want and set each song with their own preset,can also use it for album or playlist or all song ,it take lot of time but worth it πŸ˜€ super happy with it
    it can play lossless file as well πŸ˜€ and lot of other plus(like theme,auto download album art,etc) ,cant find any better player as of now
    oh and im using AudioTechnica ATH-CKS77x and asus zenfone2 + PowerAMP,totally amazing

    • To be fair, i just noticed that my Razer Surround was a Pro, huh, I did not notice that at all. Perhaps I should edit the post, but the software itself should do the trick.

      Usually if i travel, I will bring my iPods instead, they are good enough honestly! πŸ™‚

      • indeed,iPod is good,but some people just dont bother buying music player while they could just use their smartphone (nowdays its rare to find any teens without gadget),iPod isnt cheap and their use is pretty limited,and I know most of us use smartphone outside.
        oh and ipod cant play flac and some other file ;/ (yea you could convert flac to alac but thats a pain) though,maybe with some app they could,not sure tho since im not a fan of apple,and I did a bit searching in app store,I think there is poweramp for apple,idk if its the same poweramp tho, well,just want to share about this awesome app for smartphone,maybe there is some better player out there ,go share your oppinion πŸ˜€
        oh and I heard apple planning to remove audio jack from iphone 7
        as a music enthusiast thats just ,meh…
        oh well whatever

        • Here’s the truth, I got 2 iPods for free, that’s why XDXDXD
          My rule is, if I have it, use it. If I don’t, find an alternative πŸ˜‰
          iPods have their limitations, but good for portability. Welp, as long as it doesn’t insult my ears, that’s fine! πŸ˜€

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