Love Anatomia – Solaris feat. GUMI (Virgin Noize) (Demo’s Review)

Today hosts a single that I have not seen on any place other than Amazon. I came across this… song when I was just looking around for Gumi albums- my favorite Vocaloid! I could only get the demo version for only 30 seconds- sounded intense so I said “why not” and bought it for 89 cents… a total let down.

Name: Love Anatomia

Producer: Virgin Noize

Release Date: 8/22/2015

Vocaloid: GUMI

Stats apprehended from VocaDB! Go there for the video!


I know that sometimes people review only good things, but you have to review the bad for others to know. But the thing is, I don’t consider this song a horrible song, it’s just that my taste is not quenched in the least with this song. Also make note of the [Explicit] sign!

I’ve heard Virgin Noize before. Not his best work, not his worst either. You may like this song, but I don’t- and that should say something having Gumi as the lead vocals. Gumi also has a gun to her head, cocking the pistol and holding her breath as she pulls the trigger. Kinda sadistic, but still an OK theme. I also have no idea the lyrics.

What I don’t like is that it is kinda bland. Sure it has an intense electronic beat before the chorus, but it is kinda dumb down by the verse and Gumi’s vocals. I feel that she wasn’t used as well as she could have been. It had potential, but was a disappointment!

Quickie Review:

4 out of 10


Emotion: (••) – Disappointment!

Maybe you can get something out of it. I did give it a 4 after all- not a 1!

Support The Artist:

Right now, you can’t download via MikuDB, or I couldn’t find it anyway- may upload it.

Amazon US

Amazon JP


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