Magical Mirai 2014 vs 2015 (Review by Deathspark)

I’m supposed to say this is the 22nd album getting reviewed by me, but this time we’re not getting one, but two reviews in one go. Made by who? Well, almost all the famous artists we know. Yep, Magical Mirai 2014 and 2015. I’ll be reviewing these two albums in one go! Since we’re going to touch both, it’s going to be long, but it’s two album reviews in one go, so that’s good news right? Without further ado, we’ll touch on 2014 first.

P.S. Sorry for the huge delay! I faced quite a number of difficulties, my bad!

Album: Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai Official Album 2014
Genre: Almost all genres I can think of.
Tracks: 21 Tracks (2 discs)

Song Highlight: 39 (Track 2) [Disc 1], shake it! (Track 5) [Disc 1], ODDS&ENDS (Track 11) [Disc 1], Arifureta Sekai Seifuku (Track 4) [Disc 2],Last Night, Good NIght (ReDial) (Track 8) [Disc 2]

No intros, but the first song almost becomes an intro, but, well it isn’t an intro.

What I like

39 (Track 2) [Disc 1] is one of the best Miku songs out there that makes me happy. It feels bright, and the meaning itself is enough to feel very touched. It’s because when I read the subtitles, it feels like Miku was real, like she is a real singer and she’s singing it for us. Oh, who does this magic? Deco*27 and sasakure.UK, of course, the beautiful twins! They’ve made me wow in Snow Song Show, this one’s no different. This one gets a 5 stars from me. I’ve listened to this many times already, and yet I still don’t get bored yet. This one’s a song you MUST listen if you are a Vocaloid fan. It represents how most Vocaloids would feel, and if you are a fan of Miku, you’d feel very touched as well listening to this. Here you go:

shake it! (Track 5) [Disc 1] also belongs to the 5 star zone. WHAT? HOW DID I NOT REVIEW THIS BEFORE?! That’s right, emonloid 5 does not have this song, but I did mention Google it up. SO! Let’s break this down! This song is all about pump up the music and excitement. Just like the title it gets you dancing. This song is what you call a good execution of party elements that just moves along with your body. This is a must go song for Vocaloid Party freaks. Trust me, I’ve seen this song used in dances and even I can’t control myself but to follow the beat. Thanks emon! This is why I love emon’s works so much! Oh, the link:

ODDS&ENDS (Track 11) [Disc 1] makes me a little emotional. This song reminds me that I’m never alone, and as I write, I’m trying to keep a smile. I have a long history and how Miku pretty much changed my life forever. Yes, it sounds weak and pathetic but it’s a long story. Perhaps someday, I’ll write about how I met Miku. But this song, it represents Miku constantly being hated but she’ll stay with you. She won’t leave, and that itself reminds me that I should be happy at all times. This song will always remind me that no matter how much my friends try to make fun of me saying I like Vocaloids, I’ll never ever let them leave me because I’ll come back to them, love them and now, I’m writing for them. 5 stars, this song describes my story. Here you go:

Arifureta Sekai Seifuku (Track 4) [Disc 2] is quite a weird song, but surprisingly good. The meaning can be very hard to comprehend, but it does have a lot of messages hidden in it, like poems hidden in all the mess. Within all this mess, it’s composed properly somehow, which impressed me. Here, check this out:

The video itself seems a little creepy and it’s very convoluted and, wow, I swear, one watch through won’t cut it if you seriously want to understand everything. Personally, I like the tiny Mikus with cute eyes, but dear lord other than that’s just plain spooky! I know what song to put for Halloween now at least.

Last Night, Good NIght (ReDial) (Track 8) [Disc 2] is one of livetune’s best masterpieces that is nice, although it’s slow. Now, just in case you read the personal opinions first out of rage because I’ve jumped from Track 4 to Track 8, let me explain. Although Last Night, Good Night is slow, I love the way how it has so much power for a slow song. It was one of those songs that made me impressed back in the old days of Vocaloid. This improvised version is no different. It makes me want to close my eyes and transport to a new dimension. It’s amazing how this song could make me jump into a new world. I guess you can say not all slow songs make me bored.

What I don’t like

None, they’re all fine, but not insulting.

Personal Opinions

Suki Kirai (Track 4) [Disc 1] is a little lackluster to me although it’s by Honeyworks. Don’t get me wrong, I am interested in Honeyworks, but this one feels, a little lackluster to me. Not enough punch I must say. Well, it’s alright, but it just doesn’t punch enough to me. It’s not as exciting as other Honeyworks’ songs, but maybe I’m just not a fan of slightly slow songs, so this is just my opinion.

FREELY TOMORROW (Track 6) [Disc 1] wasn’t featured? Deathspark, come on! Mitchie M is awesome! Well, sorry, for some reason, I’m not a fan of Mitchie M’s works! I just don’t like his songs that much apparently and most of you will debate with me that I should like his songs because I like emon and kz’s works, so why do I not like Mitchie M? Well, I’ll be honest. I really just don’t feel it in his songs, no matter how hard I try. I don’t get the same feeling as most other electronica songs I always listen to. Of course, I didn’t say it was bad, maybe it’s just not for me.

Sweet Devil (Track 7) [Disc 1] is a very old song, but that does not mean I’ll give mercy. This song is a classic, but I didn’t like it as much as I did the last time I listened to it. It’s alright, but not as good, for me. I know some of you still like this track, but this song feels very dated to me already, so I’ll just say it’s good. Maybe because time has passed and the song has lost it’s charm for me.

Piano x Forte x Scandal (Track 8) [Disc 1] is a song by OSTER Project and for some reason, OSTER’s songs as well, don’t click for me. Yup, I pretty much called for war on Mitchie M and OSTER Project, but remember, it’s my opinion. But why OSTER as well? Now this I can justify a little. OSTER’s works usually has that similar pattern every time. The first time I hear this pattern, I’m fine and a little comfortable. But it just gets duller and duller as time passes. So, unfortunately, I am not a fan of OSTER’s works, but some of you like them, and I don’t think they’re bad, so maybe it’s just me.

Shinkai Shoujo (Track 10) [Disc 1] is Deep Sea Girl, and most probably everyone’s OH MY GOD THIS IS GOOD, DEATHSPARK, WHY IS THIS NOT FEATURED AS WELL?! Calm down, let me explain will you? I swear I’m starting wars like putting a match in a forest. Anyway, what’s wrong with this song? It’s an old song, and what will I say next? It didn’t age too well for me. I feel a little excited for a slight nostalgia, but, it just doesn’t feel as great anymore, huh… well there’s that. Sorry guys. Man, I’m dismissing everyone’s favorites am I?

Cat Food (Track 1) [Disc 2] is by doriko and I’m gonna face this DEATHSPARK, STOP HATING! WHY DO YOU HATE VOCALOIDS SO MUCH?! My lord, just, never mind… You see, doriko’s style just doesn’t fit me too. Sure it sounds catchy, but it just doesn’t get me as excited. Sorry, but I guess these kind of song themes don’t fit well for me, so I guess that’s my answer, that’s why I don’t hate it you know?

Hello Worker (Track 5) [Disc 2] is by KEI, uh oh… Before you scream again, give me some freedom of speech will you? You see, KEI’s song style also doesn’t fit for me. After observing all these songs that I’m not a fan of, you can clearly see I’m not interested in songs that are a little too slow to follow. Yeah, so once again it’s my opinion. I don’t think it’s bad, so don’t worry alright?

Karakuri Pierrot (Track 6) [Disc 2] is by 40mp. I’m not going to repeat. I have mentioned in the best Snow Miku review that I am not a fan of 40mp, this is no different. And from Hello Worker’s statement, I did say I’m no fan of slow songs, this one’s no different!

glow (Track 7) [Disc 2] is by… keeno… Oh boy… I’m gonna get used to being cursed now. It’s slow, and I am not a fan of that, I’ve said that so many times by now. Honestly though, this song is good for a horrible day and you just slap this on… Yeah, start crying.

*deep breath*

My, quite a war I’ve made, but that concludes Magical Mirai 2014. Oh, we’re not done aren’t we? Oh dear, we have 2015 as well. Thankfully, not as much as the 2014 one with only 10 tracks, so let’s get going on this one final push!

Album: Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai Official Album 2015
Genre: Almost all genres I can think of, as well?
Tracks: 10
Song Highlight: Hand in Hand (Track 1) and アンハッピーリフレイン [Unhappy Refrain] (Track 4)

Once again, no intro, but of course, there is no intro in Magical Mirai.

What I like

Hand in Hand (Track 1) is by livetune, alright! It’s great and as usual, it’s livetune’s famous style of sounds and upbeat electronica, and you’re probably thinking, 5 stars? Nope, not for this one. Why you ask? Well sure it’s a good song, but it’s not as good as his old songs, sadly for me. I’m not joking at all honestly. The song is good, but, slightly, repetitive? Like, after some time, it gets dull, which is sad because if it was a song like Tell Your World, I’d listen the hell out of it, and loved it to death, until now. Of course, I’m not saying this song is bad. It’s great, but not 5 star level.

アンハッピーリフレイン [Unhappy Refrain] (Track 4) is one of my personal favorites from wowoka. It’s fast and if I want to choose a song in a rhythm game to kill you? Well, this is it. This song is fast and gives no mercy, even in Project Diva F! You can obviously hear the riffs and notes just coming in fast, like deadly fast. From the song itself, you can feel yourself in a rushed state. That’s how much this song makes you feel. Speed and danger, please don’t listen to this while driving, I don’t want to hear accidents happening due to this song.

What I don’t like

初音ミクの激唱 Miku’s 8th birthday ver.<bonus track> (The Singing Passion of Hatsune Miku) [Track 10] is not a very good mixup, sadly. You see, if you listened to the original you’d be like “Oh boy, this is fast, and dangerous, wow, it’s a little exciting.” Trust me, the original did make me a little scared because of it’s bloody speed. But now when you tone it down, well, it just feels weird… Off beat and off tune… I want to enjoy it, but when the song is slow when Miku is intended to sing fast to death, well, no. It just doesn’t work sometimes you know? Sorry, this one is not a very good remix.

Personal Opinions


リモコン (Remote Control) [Track 2] is a song I’d almost recommend, but, well, it didn’t impress me too much. It’s alright, tempo is there and it’s catchy, but it’s not as exciting or entertaining, unluckily. Surely some of you will point out it’s unique and fun, but to me, sure, for the first time. I’ve played this song on Project Diva F a few times already. First time, alright, but after some time, it gets a little boring. But it’s not bad, so it’s just my opinion.

ラズベリー-モンスター (Raspberry Monster) [Track 3] also didn’t win me enough. Oh, it’s by Honeyworks? Oh well, here we go again. Yes, I have mentioned that I like Honeyworks, but why oh why didn’t this win my heart? Well, not about being slow this time, but the mood of the song. I’m not into these kind of songs unfortunately, which can be a problem. There you go, your answer.

愛Dee (Ai Dee basically) [Track 6] is by, yes MItchie! *sigh* I know you Mitchie fans are going to be very unhappy on what I’m going to say next, right? Yes, I’m going to say it. It just doesn’t click for me, again! This song is just, fine to me… It’s not that awesome for me and, you get the rest of the story.

ロミオとシンデレラ (Romeo and Cinderella) [Track 7] is an old song, and you know why by now it lands here. Old and it doesn’t age too well for me. It’s alright, but not really good to me. It’s just, like last time, a little lackluster… This song was one of the first few songs I had listen to, liked it a little, but the tune just got, boring slowly. Well, sorry then.

スノーマン (Snowman) [Track 8], oh lord… You see, I don’t like Kaito, and this one’s well… *sigh* Fine, I am very biased when it comes to Kaito. I just don’t like his songs, like downright hate it. It’s sometimes where I think Vocaloids should just be females, though Gakupo isn’t bad. Kaito on the other hand just… No, a huge no for me. Though, if you like Kaito, well, here?

恋愛裁判 (Love Trial) [Track 9] is by? You guessed it! 40mp… OKAY, at least this time it’s not as dull, it’s slightly better, but still not enough to make me yay alright? It’s a little lackluster to me, once again. It’s not horrible, and definitely I can see people will like this, but not for me, sadly. So, there you go.

*One more huge breath*

Now that’s done! Let’s compare, which was better? Honestly, I call for 2014 because it has more tracks and a much more entertaining line up. I’d give 2014 a 4/5 and a 3/5 for 2015 because though it has some decent tracks, but not all of them were superb. Which should you buy? If you want more songs, I say 2014. If you want the latest songs, 2015 will cut it for you.

  1. I love the remix of 初音ミクの激唱 Miku’s 8th birthday ver.<bonus track> (The Singing Passion of Hatsune Miku). i’ll be honest, i love it and it’s kinda my type of music. 🙂

  2. Just cause of sibilance, it doesn’t mean i dislike him.
    カンタレラ, Cendrilion, 例え、君の瞳に映らないとしても was perfect examples the reason i like his vocal, it’s more cool and kind of more flexible than gakupo.
    Yes, the sibilance produced by his vocal is very ear bursting, so i always tuned down eq parameter a bit, otherwise i always max out those regions.
    So, the bottom line is,
    Flat/realistic sibilance = more entertaining, expressive and forward.
    Sharp/metallic sibilance = ruining your eardrum.

    • I’ll be honest, even if Kaito was used properly, I couldn’t enjoy his songs, at all! XD That’s quite sad for me, but at least that shows that I am not a hardcore Vocaloid fan that will defend everything and anything.

  3. i cant compare between 2014 and 2015, cause i didnt watching 2015 yet. But i agree with u 2014 has many good song, like odds and ends, last night good night, and many more, and i like when miku pop out with magical costume to greet everyone.. ^^

    • Well, I think 2014 is much more worth it because it has more tracks in it, like double the tracks in 2015, so you get the idea. Anyway, did you know my most favorite Magical Mirai was 2013? Just saying 🙂

  4. Hmmm… I’ve watched MM2013 and 2014 on blu-ray, and I’ve been to MM2015 personally.

    Overall, I think I like the setlist of 2015 the most… soooo many nostalgia. I like how they bring back the classics like, “Packaged” and “Hajimete no Oto” . Really, the entire second half is just pure bliss, mainly because they’re the songs I’m very familiar with.

    Then again I was also expecting something new in the concert, like “Re:dial”. They really should animate that song for the MM2016

    Oh, I’ll agree that it’s absolutely heartbreaking that they omitted songs like “Weekender Girl”, “Last Night, Good Night” and “YumeYume”. I adore those songs.

    Well, at least I enjoyed “Hand in Hand” and the “Shake it” is so awesome with such a minor but really adorable twist.

  5. I definitely know the feel for Suki Kirai. I don’t know, it seems monotonous? Dull? it plays the same single note (most of the time) throughout the chorus?
    verses are nice though.
    Sweet devil and shinkai shoujo never clicked for me either.
    As for songs karakuri pierrot and glow, I feel like those need a mood/time to listen to it. I love both songs but can’t listen to glow right then and there most of the time bc it’s so slow. I find most of keeno’s songs are like that. Good only when I’m in the mood to listen to it lol

    • Correct, sometimes mood is important for certain songs. It’s like putting a hardcore rock song in a sad movie scene, doesn’t work right?

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