Merry Chistmas! Kagamine Rin and Len V4X Arrives!

Although most of the MikuDB have been on vacation lately or have not been on the site in a while I decided to tell people about the upcoming VOCALOID release, the Kagamine twins v4x. This year has really been a slow year for many things including the VOCALOID industry included. But like it always has the popularity will rise and fall with the times. I will always listen to VOCALOID music always but enough of my rambling. Let’s get into this

The release date for them is December 24, 2015 so you could probably get it Christmas Day. The description for it states (I apologize for using Google translate) :

The clear Namerashita,from cute voiceto breath!
Powerful &charmingtwin vocals.

“Rin, Len V4X” is powerful and charming image intact, clear Namerashita and strength, to improve the clarity of voice, is a virtual singer who carefully tuning also cuteness of voice. Furthermore, in order to provide the voice of diversity soft voice or even breathing many voices mounted. “EVEC” (Evec) By operating in function and cross-synthesis function, making it possible to create a singing voice that lively. In particular, while sung in a loud voice, using the growl function, intense song Imawashi is possible. In addition, since this product has been shipped to music production software Studio One was recorded vocal editor Piapro Studio, 500 or more types of instruments corresponding to VOCALOID4, from that I bought the day, music production environment’re.

Wow Google translate right? Sorry about the font but I’m on mobile so I don’t know how to fix it. I’m going to buy this but how ’bout you guys?

Merry Christmas


P.S. sorry about the anime type title also Featured Video 7 will be here soon.

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