Miku and Luka Swimsuit Figures Available for Preorder!

Let’s release some wonderful swimsuit figures in Winter!

I think that is what Goodsmile is pointing at! These tiny figures of Miku and Luka are about the size of your palm, around 1/12 scale. They are called S-Style figurines and it stands for Small and Stylish, and they so are!!

Miku sports a cute light blue and white, frilly, striped bikini and Luka is showing off her curves in a pretty, ruby colored two piece. As small as these figures are, they are very detailed! They will be available for sale January 20th, 2016 for 2980 Yen (That’s about $25 USA side) and are currently ready for preorders, here’s the links and what they look like:




  1. Haha that’s quite contradicting. But looking at those figures, even though there’s too much revisions of Miku lately, still Good Smile retained Miku and Luka’s hair accessories. That’s kinda throwback.

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