MikuDB Community Section Staff Recruitment

Hello MikuDB members. Today I, the Community Section Admin, would like to announce that we are hiring people to help us in the Community Section.

There are three things to take care of in the Community Section. The first one being comments on MikuDB, the second is our MikuDB Facebook Page and thirdly is our Discord channel.

As far as the comments are concerned they are being handled fine. We are mostly concerned with the Facebook Page and Discord Server. I know that the Discord thing in new to you guys. It will be made public as soon as we have enough people to handle it.

We have two objectives to accomplish.

  • To make the FB Page a lively place
  • To have enough people at Discord to moderate the public chat.

Facebook Page

In order to make FB Page an active one we can do many things. Such as:

  • Post about any good album you found on MikuDB.
  • Post good Vocaloid related pictures and gifs.
  • Post any Vocaloid related news.
  • Post about any good upcoming albums.
  • Post Vocaloid videos and songs.
  • Post Album Reviews and Articles from MikuDB.
  • That’s not all. If you have any idea that you think many people will like feel free to act upon it.


That being said, there are some restrictions too. You need to make sure the stuff you post is SFW (Safe for work). Also you cannot post anything meaningless, for example “I haven’t been posting anything lately. Sorry I was busy”. And be sure to mention yourself at the end of post like “-Ali60351”.

Discord Channel
We just need more hands to help out make discord a clean place. Someone needs to keep an eye on the chat so it doesn’t go off the track.

This task requires you to be a regular but shouldn’t take up too much of your time. For Facebook Page you may just post one thing daily. And as far the Discord is concerned just leave the app running and the background and take a peek at it every now and then. In case you are worried that the work is too complex, be at ease. I will make in-depth guides for you to make it a piece of cake. If you find it that it is too much to handle both FB and Discord (which shouldn’t be to be honest) I will grant you the job of either Discord or Facebook.

Ready to Join
Join Discord via this link Join MikuDB Discord (for recruiting purposes only at the moment). Make yourself at home. I shall contact you as soon as possible. Just be sure to leave a note at the #recruit text channel. I have put together a guide for Discord here.

If you find the above process complex, add me on Facebook and send me a message. You might as well reach me through the comments below. I shall reply you as soon as possible.

The Album Section is also in need of more members. If you are interested in joining the Album Section instead contact the Album Section Admin on Facebook or on Discord. (Discord Recommended)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section.


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