MikuDB Huge update is here! Beta access giveaway

It’s been a long time since MikuDB received an update. With this we are happy to announce that the new MikuDB rework is almost done.

First, we would like to apologize for the postponed new system. We were developing a completely new system for more than a year that should have brought a revolution. Sadly the development got postponed due to personal reasons. Fortunately the project is not totally dead, the development just came to a halt halt. To put it simply, it is uncertain when it will roll out.

The sudden crisis forced me (Yun) again to take over the technical parts on website and code. Let’s call it a small revolution and but huge step forward. I would like to personally thank our article editor and graphic designer, WoobiE for helping me with the design, his ideas and sketches contributed alot.

Before I start with explaining the new features, there are still some things that need to be finished, there are some small things we need to rework. However we would still like to ask people who are willing to test the new website. Just write a comment on this post that you wanna participate. In a few hours, I will send you a personal message with a generated ID and password and instructions.


Feature highlights

Thanks to a new clean up in the code, the website should be faster with way less waiting time. Lots of features were simplified and few even deleted and replaced with better versions or straight out new ones.

Even though the old website was packed with functions, in the end, they were rarely used (or even discovered) as they were hard to access. The main aim of the new design is to provide the same functionalities, but making them more visible and easier to access.

As you can see, the website got wider and things should be easier to read and navigate. The homepage will have a huge slider above and the album area will be in the middle. While on the left side, there are new videos, in the middle are new releases and new addtion. On the right bar will be the newest articles. I am currently testing the most popular album tabs and considering to implement it right under latest videos.





The new navigation menu was moved to the top. The new login button is also on top, this makes it easy to spot. If you are logged in, you will see a new user panel, notification counter and our search bar with a new album filter. Lots of people had difficulties with searching across the website, the album filter was almost invisible, showing only when clicking on an album. The new filter can search across all type of the tags you choose and can search for albums in it, in case you still cannot find something in the search bar.



The new user panel will give you access to all tools available to members.



The album page was reworked and the placement of elements changed. On the right side, there should be a sidebar showing top rated albums of week, most viewed albums and so on. The Album info box was resized to be bigger.



Also there is a new feature enabling all users the ability to insert a new Download link or replace the broken links! ( this is really a hard thing and still needs a lot of reworking, it might be skipped and released with the next update). The download link editor.



The are also some changes o the video page. The lyrics are now shown on the right side with a tab to switch between lyrics and translation. There will be soon an option to change the lyrics and translations for all users.



Also, the new version of uploading and sharing pictures received a huge update. The process of uploading a picture is now way easier. The same applies for managing them in a similar way like galleries on facebook. Each person can choose which gallery is visible to (friends, all people, private).



If you click on a picture, it will give a FB like look.



And the very last, the groups, something I mentioned before. First, there will only be officialy created groups. They will be implemented so even regular users can join the process of managing the website. There will be groups for broken links, new album indexing and more. It is still uncertain if one day even normal users can create their own groups. It will all depend on the demand.




Feel free to leave a comment and share with us your opinions! If you managed to read the complete post, here is a miku potato as a reward!


  1. How lovely! Those new stuff right there would be very neat! I’ll definitely miss this old look once the update is out though… Also, have you played too much Crysis or something? You misspelled ‘crisis’ 😛

    Oh, please don’t drag me to beta test the update. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to! But I doubt I can give proper feedback where required, besides, I don’t really have the time to. Keep up the good work guys! 😀

  2. Wow! I will like to help test and give feedback on this awesome website!
    Thank you so much for spending time making the website!

  3. I think I will be missing the little touch of miku at the new website theme. Actually I am looking forward in new banner with new miku illustration. Just my opinion, thumbs up for the effort our admins are putting into the new website. I love to take a try.

    • Hey,

      Thanks for ur opinion alot, we really appreciate it. The reason we will not have a banner (at least for now) is because we decided that a slider with images could replace it. Instead of a banner that takes space, we want more space for the actual content. But the logo might come back again and it could be positioned on the left.

  4. Hey! I’ve been using mikudb as my main source of music, I would love to try out the new site and give my opinions about it thanks!

  5. very good,but I have only 1 problem,why red?
    it looks not bad but when I read Miku ,I expect some cyan or green or blue,Red is a bit… off,but oh well as long as I could download ,watch ,and read all about voca,its not a big deal

  6. Very much appreciating the new layout. The speed increase over the old site is stupendously fast! Looking forward to the download link editor as I know a few pages with missing/broken/incorrect links for albums I really want to try!

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