MikuDB is introducing our new Torrent section!

Hello everyone! Since our announcement about the Torrent team, lots of time have passed away and now we are glad to announce that the torrent section is now open! Most of time we were working on re-tagging and ordering the albums. There were some problems with the seeding PCs that we had to solve. But right now there are already some files ready to download with lots more incoming! With this I wanna thank our torrent team for the awesome work!

For all our visitors that were messaging us regarding the torrents on the website. Yes we have read your messages, but because we already started working on them we wanted to pack it as a suprise. Unfortunately there were lots of delays as new problems kept showing up. Thanks for your patience.

The torrent section will work a bit different to our another sections. Users ( if not groups) will be able to add their torrent files ( links) on our website. We want to make a torrent section for everyone. Just make sure to place a “[ ]” tag before the torrent name. The MikuDB torrents will have “[MikuDB]” tag before the torrent file name. This will help distinguish our torrents from user submitted. Feel free to promote your team/website on ours!

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