MikuDB is search for a new Head admin for Album Section!

Hey, as you may noticed, we are doing some changes in the team and with this. I would like to find a new admin who would be responsible for the whole Album section. This position is the highest and as the Head admin, you basically can become one of the most infulential people in MikuDB. Why do you ask we are doing this open recruiting? Simply, we want to see some one new who is willing to dedicate his time and lead people and apply his own ideas to the section.


As the admin there, your will be responsible to lead this section. Any recruiting of people, removing from team is fully in your care. We will firstly create certain system for you, but freedom inside your section is always our top priority. You are freely to choose what things do you deem worthy, which ones you would toss away and things you would like to change. As admin, you are able to write and posting new insights about your section, recruiting posts, using our Facebook for promoting anything in your section. If you want to set up something technological, it is always easy to consult it with our tech admin and apply those changes to the system. There will be always different people willing to assist you, or you can simply hire your own assitants!

Your work will consist of:

  • The album section
  • The team responsible for album section
  • Working with albums, including tagging, publishing pending albums ( no one request you to do that, but you are responsible to set up a working team where members of your section do the work efficiently and actually do the work)
  • Assigning (creating new) positions, removing, recruiting new people for your section
  • Applying your ideas and improve the section
  • promoting albums, your posts everywhere on site
  • freedom in every decision.

What we demand:

  • A person who has knowledge and was working on a project where he was working with people
  • Able to work alone with no one to look after you
  • Able to communicate in english

What are the rewards:

While MikuDB is right now a non profit website, we still believe some day, we can make it big. Be part of us and gain certain ownership of it! Yes, you will be given a certain portion of MikuDB rights of ownership based on your progress to make you feel motivated!

To apply, simply leave a comment below.

  1. Hello. I would like to apply for Head Administrator or Administrator of the Album section. I will happily give my personal communications (skype) username out through PM. Hopefully we would be able to work things out privately as that would be more appropriate for a job applications.

  2. I would love to be chosen for this kind of thing as I heavily appreciate vocaloid music and would love to see it become more popular~!
    I hope you consider me when you decide who should be head admin.
    -Emily xo

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