MikuDB Official Discord Server Announcement

Hello guys! We are pleased to announce that we now have a Discord Server for you guys. In case you guys don’t know yet, Discord it is a software similar to Skype and Teamspeak where you may chat with everyone present in the Server either via Text or Voice.


Reasons to join:

  • You get to share your favorite Songs and Fan Art
  • Report broken links
  • Report Missing Album Art
  • Request an Album
  • You get to talk with us daily
  • Talk to people with similar tastes in a friendly environment.
  • Share your opinion with us
  • Provide us feedback directly


We are looking forward to having a nice conversation with you guys. Joining is pretty simple. Just download the Discord Software here (or use the Browser Version) and click this link: https://discord.gg/x2EEfsC to join the Official MikuDB Discord Server.


Community Section Admin


  1. i would to suggest.How about make an app for android and ios it is better because all of us have mobile phone.so why don’t you give a shoot ?

  2. Sorry for bothering im relatively new here, could you please send me a new invitation for the discord group, i really want to join

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