MikuDB raising funds for new domains! Completely new start!

As you could see everyone, we were recently very innactive and less talkative than usual. This simply happened because we were busy with real life stuff and working on an upcoming project. It is still taking shape, but is very close to entering the closed beta phase.

We worked for more then 1 year  (like I hinted in many new posts) on a new system that is far more advanced. As you can see, the current system is very limiting and has lots of bugs. We simply stopped worked on them because we felt its meaningless to try to fix all the holes.Thus we came up with a completely new system, I will write a more detailed post after it is finally done, but right now, the Closed beta launch should be within days/weeks.

Why are we doign a fund raising?

With the new system, we realized it could not simply be called just MikuDB anymore as the system will be centered around 4 important components: Database of albums (download links, torrent links), News and articles, Social interaction and Multimedia (videos/ music player). Thus the name MikuDB wouldn’t describe us well. Therefore, we need funds to purchase at least 2 more domains and link them together. Don’t worry, MikuDB domain will be still in our possesion and link to the Database page. They will all just be connected on one spot with each section having a separate link.

With such a big project, I doubt it will be done in no time but rather created in increments until it will be finished. As we had to already postpone the closed beta for so many times (originally was planned around July, then September), I prefer not giving ourself a deadline so the devs have enough free time to finish it.

Why are we doing all this?

Simply, because MikuDB has grown so fast and so robust in the recent months and we want to be a step ahead of our competitors. Also to preserve all the goodness of MikuDB to our future generations and people coming to work for MikuDB. So no matter what happens, the true spirit of MikuDB will be safe. And to achieve that, the next version of MikuDB will be mostly or should I say completely community driven.

What will I get in return if I help you?

Everyone who donates more than $3 will simply become a Beta tester! Every person who helps us will receive an early access account the moment we launc the closed beta and you can witness yourself how the work is proceeding! (regular members will of course be informed via screenshos and news). You can be a part of the evaluation and give us feedback! Some users will be invited via questionaries later in the second wave. You will also be added to a FB group especially for all beta testers where you can always talk with the admins and devs about it.

Fund needed/ raised

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