MikuDB recruiting new staff members!

Alot of our staff members became busy and had to leave the MikuDB team. However, to ensure the constant flow of content, we decided to do a new recruiting round. This time, it is going to be a bit different. Lots of new ideas were implemented, some of them came directly from the questionnaire we sent you. We discovered alot of things and that your opinion is quite similiar to ours. Our goal is to have new faces joining us and thus helping MikuDB to evolve more.

Do you feel like you have plenty of time and nothing to do? How about joining us? There are jobs for everyone. Just make sure you love Vocaloids! Worried about messing something up? Everyone has to  start somewhere, we will make sure to help you with your first babysteps. We never scold anyone for anything, don’t worry about that!

Why should you join? As a visitor, you can rarely have a glimpse of how things work and we believe this rare experience will be definitely be useful to you. Not to mention how you can make new friends, new hobbies and learn interesting facts while working with us. If you feel like you can’t do it, all good, we always give new members time to think it over and then letting them decide to stay or not.

Currently we need help with:

  • indexing new albums
  • article/review/news writer (really has high priorities)
  • FB admins ( posting stuff and directly in contact with our FB fans)
  • Someone who would take care of the music player (arranging playlists, inserting new songs, checking the playlist)
  • Someone who would work on the request page


What to do?
Simply write down into the comment section below (with your MikuDB account logged in) and we will make sure to contact you via the private message system. If you are not yet a member, use the contact us form above!

  1. I could probably write articles and do some editing and grammar checks and such.
    Don’t have a Facebook, sorry. I check this site pretty often, and my twitter (@ozzi9816)

  2. Review . . . well, I really want to but I am quite bad at english. So I think that I shouldn’t do it.
    Maybe I could take care of the music player.

  3. I’d be interested in anything probably mostly indexing and site stuff. FB would be the least but if its proofreading english I can totally help out with that.

  4. I have been a part of the Vocalood community for awhile now, Produce my own Vocaloid songs, and am an Excel/Word wizard of categorizing things. I can do this job if you give me a chance <3

  5. maybe i can take

    – indexing new albums
    – FB admins ( posting stuff and directly in contact with our FB fans)
    – Someone who would take care of the music player (arranging playlists, inserting new songs, checking the playlist)

    what i have to do?

  6. Hi,

    I would love to write reviews about albums ! I have some skill in writing review, the only problem is that my skill may only apply for my native language (which is french).

    And by indexing, do you mean uploading albums or just the fact of indexing them ?

  7. Hi, I’m a staff member from the very first MikuDB website. I created the first facebook group forever ago haha.
    I’d like to help you guys again 🙂 I used to do indexes and reuploads but I can also do reviews, curating, moderation, etc. The first website was a huge hobby of mine so I’d really like to help with whatever you guys need again.
    Please take me into consideration 🙂

  8. I would be very interested in helping to write articles. I have already messaged you and requested an e-mail response, but I have an account now and if needed you can message me here. 😀

  9. I’m currently taking internet programming and would like to help out in creating pages for the site. I am fairly new to this but would like to help out.

    For what up I find managing the music player, and working on the request page would be something I’m interested in helping out with.

  10. Sure, I guess I can do album reviews and maybe create playlists, too.
    Anything to help out my favorite music source ^^

  11. Been using this site for about a year and I believe its time to give back. I’d like to lend a hand if you’ll have me.

  12. To be honest, I’m fine with doing anything other than working on the Facebook page (sorry…), so do you think there is anything I can do? :3

  13. I can work for as long as possible for the sake of Vocaloids…!!
    It is the main reason why i am actually enjoying my life…!
    I am in for all work.
    FB posts and moderation, Indexing and Maybe some artwork too…!
    Call me in.!

  14. Hello I am Hibiki I would love to join I can work for 24/7
    And I can do any of this

    indexing new albums
    Article/review/news writer (really has high priorities)
    FB admins (posting stuff and directly in contact with our FB fans)
    Take care of the music player (arranging playlists, inserting new songs, checking the playlist)
    Work on the request page

    Please let me join

  15. I’m quite young (15, idk is that young on this site?) so I don’t have much experience but it sounds really interesting and I would love to try it out. I don’t have facebook though, but I’m able to do all the other stuff 😀

  16. I have a lot of free time each day from the afternoon until the evening, I directed my youtube channel 4-5 years I treated several video games, now I’ve opened it a new dedicated Asian Games and especially in Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid). This would be a new experience for me to help a site to publish things about the Vocaloid, which in Italy and little known. You can be contacted on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005394437104) if you want or email (fabioarrii@hotmail.it)

    • I think I would be more suited to respond on FB because I have responded for years on Youtube so many genuine natural world regarding video outputs, columns questions sound and many other things. to me everything is fine except for (article / review / news writers) are not capable xD. more than anything else to me like it when there are people interested as I am talking dell’ostesso topic you love.

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