MikuDB Torrent team!

Do you feel like you wanna be part of MikuDB staff team? Why don’t join us now, when we need new people for the upcoming MikuDB Torrent! Yes you heard right, we are even ressurecting this part of mikudb!

-categorizing the torrents into their events/circles/labels/producers
– Seeding

We already have all the files, and we plan to create torrents per events/circles.
It may sound like a simple task, but I kid you not, we have like ~500 albums to work with. so it’s simply impossible to do it alone.
Other thing to consider is we want the tag to be as tidy as possible, so we’ll need to work on that too.
So anyone who’s familiar with circle/event stuff and those who are willing to seed, (and anyone who wants to help, for that matter)
we really need you!

  1. Categorizing and seeding sounds like the perfect task for me, I’ll happily be part of helping in this department! I do extensive tagging of my own personal collection so I’m familiar with figuring out event/circle info.

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