MikuDB Youtube Project Staff !

As you know MikuDB Youtube Project is now a part of mikudb. The project is now hiring new staff! Anyone interested can leave a comment below and I’ll contact you as soon as possible. The goal of this project is to promote unpopular producers with amazing talent so that they can gain more recognition around the world. Here’s a timetable every tuesday, thursday and saturday where new videos get release.

Vocaloid – Tuesday
Utaite – Thursday
Some Dojin Stuff – Saturday

If you have any favorite unpopular producer or utaite or songs, leave a comment below and lets discuss it together !

In case you miss the first video

  1. “yuxuki waga”,
    i think he is not so well known.
    But, i think, he is very talented producer, the first unpopular producer who forced me to buy his two albums (“AND AWAKE” and “telescope”) that i never intended to buy.
    I dont remember a song that disappointed me, each and every song is a masterpiece.

  2. I don’t know about unpopular producers but I do listen to a LOT of vocaloid music. I also have my own Youtube channel, but I also want to be a part of something bigger. So I’d love to help!!

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