Mikufan2015’s Album Review #2: Hopeful Snow

Heyo by the time this will go up I will have either read Deathspark’s version of the review of this album and before the snow melts. 😉 Better hurry ‘cus less snow is appearing in AZ. This weeks album is KARENT presents Hopeful Snow feat. Hatsune Miku. In my music it’s shortened as just Hopeful Snow so let’s get started! Remember I’m not judging a book by it’s cover nor  liking music because a certain producer made it.

Track 1: Snow Fairy Story

Winter VOCALOID songs aren’t really my forte but I would say this is pretty enjoyable, maybe because I’ve always liked piano music but I’ve quite enjoyed this song. A peaceful winter piano song. It’s mostly what you would call classical. I would have enjoyed it better if it was just a classical/piano song. Overall this song was a 3/5 mostly because I’m not a big fan of these winter themed songs.

Track 2: Wobbling

This song is a favorite winter themed song of mine. It’s something that’s pretty light in terms of sound and not too loud with Miku’s softness in this song. It’s more like a song you could listen to and fall asleep or that is just me. There’s not much to say about this song in particular, but I still like the song because it’s a nice song to listen to when relaxing. 3/5 just to be lax.

Track 3: The Au Lait

This song, is just completely awkward. It’s starts out as a sort of quiet and peaceful tone of sorts and then tries to go into a rap/pop genre music and softens down again but the underlining of pop music remains the whole time and I could listen to it if I shuffled my album, but this reminds me of another song in my music that also did the same thing but was a tad different and better.  I think it was Tell Your World (Panda BoY Remix), but since it wasn’t, this song gets a 2/5 not my cup of tea.

Track 4: Wish

It starts out with violin music, better not change. Nope too late. A whole lot better then the last track with the pop change and background pop music that doesn’t work too well with this winter themed album. This song actually is a peaceful winter song which I enjoy well. This is a favorite and nice to listen too. A 3.5/5.

Track 5: Journey

The journey is almost over for this album. Sorry got to make my puns. At first I was a tad confused of the male voice at the beginning. There isn’t much that is new to me in this song because I have oh so many similar songs. I think it sounds like Finder, but because of how the song sounds with more of a pop vibe than the Snow Miku tone or rather feeling of the majority of the songs. Found my favorite! 4/5!

Track 6: Snow Fairy Story Acoustic Guitar Ver.

This song is one of the only guitar cover I at least can enjoy, but still piano covers have always sounded better for me then guitar covers. There isn’t much to say about this song since Snow Fairy has already been done. The peacefulness of this song is what made me like this song. 3/5 nothing much to say about this.

Overall 3.08333333333333333333333333333333333333333333/5 because averaged out calculator.

Get it if you want or don’t if you don’t because not everyone likes winter songs and this might not be the best winter album for you. 39!


P.S hint hint last word/number for next album


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