Mikufan2015’s Album Review #3: Hatsukoi Note

Yas back at it again. This time I’ve got a request! Thanks to Kevin. This time I’ve got First Love Note as it’s known in english. More then just Piparo characters singing this time as I haven’t really found many albums that have gotten my interest very much. Utatane Piko is the new VOCALOID for me in this album. (Kamui I have a few tracks for. As with GUMI.) Let’s get started!

Track #1: Treasure Story – Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, GUMI

The song is a pretty great Kagamine song. lol. I said it. At first I was expecting a great GUMI song with the chorus being provided by the twins. Nope I didn’t hear GUMI at ALL. Now talking about this without counting how the vocals listed are misleading. This song is a great opener for this album. I’m guessing it’s soft rock? Regardless the song is more of a fun song to it. The soft rock genre fits this well and I enjoy this song ,but why are a lot of intro songs that are only about 1:30? 2.75/5 it seems too average for me and maybe if I didn’t already have so many Kagamine rock/soft rock songs I would enjoy this more.

Track #2: First Love Picture Book – GUMI

This song is pretty fluid with transitions and how the song moves forward. I use’d to think that GUMI was just a more matured Hatsune Miku. Maybe you could label this soft rock but it’s up to the listener to identify the type of music. The song is a nice song to listen to when working as it’s not to loud with the guitar. (The irony) GUMI was used very soft in this song not like other songs like when she’s being used in english covers such as High Steps or Skyfall(Yes that Adele song used in the movie.) I don’t love the song but really enjoy this song. 3/5

Track #3: SUPERNOVA BOY – Hatsune Miku

Sonic the hedgehog vibes for the intro. Miku’s voice isn’t emphasized enough. Maybe it’s part of what the song is trying to accomplish but this softness is fitting only at 3:39. The song shouldn’t be trying to be that soft then rather being more loud and more like a rock song. Maybe if this was much louder and the voice being present I’d think more of it.  2.5/5 sorry song you disappointed me with more misleadings.

Track #4: The First War Against Myself – Kagamine Len, Utatane Piko

First Utatane song ever. His voice is great! It’s more of a younger voice then most and the bank is more developed less like KAITO maybe (don’t yell at me) with his voice sort of unclear in a way. Utatane is well used although I don’t really know much as this the first one of his songs I’ve heard. The tune to this song is very catchy and is the first song that has really developed completly with the vocals and music that go along with it. 4/5

Track #5: Like, Dislike (First Love MIX) – Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len

Oh boy a remix. Most remixes are niche for me as a lot don’t really appeal to me as well as the rest of the song. This time is a bit different. I don’t have the original on me and I’m typing this offline, so comparison wise I don’t know. The song itself well put together as if the song is the original song that it was based from. I enjoy this song but I’m not the biggest fan. 3/5

Track #6: The Bandits – Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, GUMI, Kamui Gackpo Utatane Piko

The name sounds like a rock band. The intro even sounds like they’re at a club. Back at it again with the music drowning them out. Maybe it’s just the Kagamine’s voicebank from back then being that way but they could of lowered the volume of the music or made the voices louder. A group song isn’t the best to bring out the best in the vocals and really crowds up the song. 2.5/5

Track #7: Sakura to Boku to Anoko ni hshs na Kimoch – Kagamine Len

Yea! Rock out to this song! The songs transition is done quite well. Kagamine rock songs I enjoy really well. I have a couple of albums. This genre fits them and I think brings out their voice as the vocals and music are the right volume to really hear them and the song gets balanced out well. There’s not much for me to say about this song really. 3.2/5

Track #8: Usotsuki Charlotte Renberii- Kagamine Len, Utatane Piko

Track 8. These two voices are very similar. It’s a bit hard at certain parts to tell the difference, but it seems more like Len is being used in this a lot more. Remember at the begin how I was really enjoying this album. Now this song seems I don’t know repetitive. Don’t blow up in my face about it. This is too old for me. It’s similar to another song I have and I didn’t enjoy that song. I’m just not feeling this song. Maybe I’ve heard too much music that sounds the same. 2/5 it’s a meh song for me but you might enjoy this song.

Track #9: MEMORIAL DAY – Kagamine Rin

The second song where’s she’s actually used. Rin’s voice is more of a soft gentle voice. For some sections she’ll be perfect with her voice but when she has to be louder and try to fit with the rock music. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy it and Rin rock songs but I would appreciate it if she was a bit louder when she needs to be louder. That’s my only issue. The song executes a rock sound and a more soft rock sound you could say. The guitar fits along with her singing excellently. 2.7/5 I’m more of a soft rock person.

Last Track: Crybaby Boyfriend (First Love MIX) – Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len

Wait so they were dating? That’s what the wiki description says. The song’s overall feeling fit the song’s purpose. More of a peaceful song and not really trying to be loud. When the music all of a sudden stopped I was a bit surprised  for a sec. Maybe it’s not best too look into lyrics for this song because last time a fun song turned into a depressing one. This isn’t my favorite of this album but maybe when I need something peaceful I’ll listen to this. Len and Miku switch in and out with very fluent transitions. I’m quite enjoying this song. 3/5

After that last track I feel like crying this week. Teachers just love to dump homework on you and you don’t have no free time between this and schoolwork but I still enjoy helping out this great site.

*Sigh*Sorry for the very cluttered review this album.


3/5 I’ll probably get this and maybe you should if you’re looking for a rock/soft rock/pop album.


  1. Tangents are interesting xD. Nice review thanks. Think I’ll give it a shot now, wanna see what kind of music Honey Works made before they debuted into anime songs.

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