Mikufan2015’s Music Pick #3

…I think this is #3.I hate having to rely on this to post something, but me ears are messed up. Idk what it is, but I’m getting it checked out tomorrow/Saturday because post delays. This is also due to the butt-load of homework the teachers have dumped on us and trying to edit the Hatsune Miku Expo 2015 in Shanghai (Unofficial) album to be louder and 320k sound as well. I found a working app but it drains my battery badly so I have to charge and then be able to download music. (I don’t download music on my PC people maybe I’ll start.) I’ve already chosen the next album for review and I’ll get it out before the snow melts.;) (CLUE!!) Now that I’m done catching up on things and giving very obvious clues let’s get started!

This week’s song choice (after 2 months lol.) is enclosure and just because it’s the v4x pic doesn’t mean this is a v4x post because I’ve done like 10 on v4x already. This will be mostly going of of 2 Project DIVA extend videos I found. I’m not much of a rock person if this is rock (plz correct me in comments lol.) ,but this is an exception to the rule because it’s just the right amount of rock that I can listen to and this has actually become one of my favorite VOCALOID songs right now (My ringtone too.) so I wanted to share this excellent song with you. There’s only one thing I disliked/found weird: The incest part where that small amount of fans be like incest is wincest. Just no, no, and no. (Dem tangents ‘dough) The song starts of with a la that kind of makes you check if it’s too loud. The song lyrics idk because of what happened last time. I hope you enjoy the song and here’s an album with it.


This is the closure of this article.


P.S. Bet that was punny. XD

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