Mikufan2015’s Song Review #1

Hai! I’m starting a new article series! The name’s Song Review. Other people can write their own music reviews too! As long as you’re a member that can post of course. If you start to do it remember the title should be like this (Your MikuDB Name Here)’s  Song Review #(Number of Song review that you have done.(1 if your first one.) Every Tuesday (Though It will take forever to be published *cough*Mods*cough*) I will post about a song I listen to and enjoy. I will include a video and a poll to see if you enjoyed it to!

Let’s get to the song! This week I have chosen…

Nijigen Dream Fever!                                                                                                                                                                 This song was first released in February 14, 2012, but I will be reviewing After the review there will be a video and lyrics translated and Japanese. The song is about, let’s see here… the loss of someone she cared for caused her to do drugs and shut herself out.(Please don’t kill me if I’m wrong, blame Google Translate.) The reasons that I enjoyed this song is how it’s so catchy! That bass though too. The bass balances out the song and makes it excellent. The song was one of the first Miku song to get stuck in my head forever, that’s why it’s here. Although after reading the translation of the song, I thought what am I listening to? Then I remembered it’s catchy, so doesn’t matter. I give this song a 5 out of 5!!

Mikus ratingMikus ratingMikus ratingMikus ratingMikus rating



P.S. English Lyrics:

“From that day I have lost you …

for a long time,
The servant was heading to the screen
How to seeing you …
Finally …

We found out. ”

Pursuit delusion crash Sing Sing loss getaway
Brain substance generated feelings oversupply
Personality erosion control retina sensitive hallucinations
Presence convinced suspicion uncontrollable \ unintelligible \

Innovative reverberation frenzy impulse division limit
Arrogance behind the scenes reasoning spirit collapse Out
Survival sense forgetting inferiority defense rejection
Core positive complacency elucidation impossible \ domination impossible \

draw a curve from the expected future
I Wappappa~tsu paranoia
I had bloomed

It is by no means the suspicious things
Lonely dictator that the wrong choice

Beyond the screen to the other side of the rainbow
Top News that idiot was infested
The Going to see by connecting synapse
Experience shortage cyber play

Delusion shortly by following link
Fool springs were chain reaction
The prevalent disease name: 2-dimensional Dream Fever

I cried the crow mechanical contrivance
Spring and (spring) cut in at crucial places
What was Wye was Wye dry
I was speech imitation of unbalanced diet house

Because mattes parade attendance of
If there Kagefumi to stay not child Dareda
In full of public executions spam
Reverse playback of magic show

White eyes turn around brainwashing
Target defined sense of solidarity
It hurts hurts Wait a minute
The Forget anymore Forget

It held up the 22 and 1 only logical
I Wappappa~tsu paranoia
I had bloomed

I do go around left behind this kind of I
Pathetic self-righteous who have been decided choice

Beyond the screen to the other side of the rainbow
Thats’m grateful you also
While stopped reality of that day (realistic)
Refuge’s earlier cyber play

The Going to see by following link
The Thats’m connected to you surely
The prevalent disease name: 2-dimensional Dream Fever

P.P.S. Japanese Lyrics:




追撃 妄想 墜落 心神 喪失 逃走
脳内 物質 生成 感情 供給 過剰
人格 侵食 抑制 網膜 感応 幻覚
存在 確信 猜疑 制御 不能\ 理解 不能\

斬新 反響 狂乱 衝動 分裂 限界
傲慢 暗躍 推論 精神 崩壊 退場
生存 感覚 忘却 劣等 防衛 拒絶
核心 肯定 慢心 解明 不能\ 支配 不能\

期待した未来から カーブを描く
ぼく わっぱっぱっぱらのいあ


画面を越えて 虹の向こうへ
経験値不足 電脳遊戯

リンクたどって 妄想追って
蔓延している 病名:2次元ドリームフィーバー

発条(ぜんまい)切れて 肝心な所で
かわいた わいた 何がわいたか
偏食家のセリフ 真似した

だって まっての パレード参列

白い目 振り向く 洗脳
標的 定め 連帯感
痛い 痛いのは ちょっとまって
忘れましょ もう 忘れましょ

ぼく わっぱっぱっぱらのいあ


画面を越えて 虹の向こうへ
逃げ込んだ先は 電脳遊戯

リンクたどって 会いに往くよ
蔓延している 病名:2次元ドリームフィーバー

P.P.P.S. Video:


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