Mikxperience e.p. (Review by Deathspark)

24th album, alright, I’ve done so many already, this is good! Thanks for the continuous support, I guess! Anyway, I have a special treat here, Mikxperience e.p. featuring artists that you may not know! Well, you’ll recognize one or two, you’ll see later.

Album: Mikxperience e.p.
Genre: Electronica/Dance
Link: http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B00DRI7WPS
Tracks: 6
Song Highlight:

The intro song is, well, huh… I don’t know what to say. It reminds me of an intro to a very old game or something, well, won’t say I really like it, but it’s something I suppose!

What I like

Packaged (Shipping in 2013 remix) (Track 5) is one of those hidden jewels that you can’t find in any other album. This is one of those remixes that you can only find in livetune’s concerts. Yes, this is the glory Packaged remix, kz remixing his own music. Did he do a good job? Holy moly it’s godlike. This song makes me shiver just by listening to its beginning. How did a beautiful song transform into club music so upbeat and so much excitement? Kz, just, how? It’s beautiful, exciting, and although there’s a lot of things happening in this song, it doesn’t feel like Miku’s voice is covered. Her voice pierces through the song, making it a perfect harmony. Well, sadly this is the only good song in this album… Seriously, the only thing worth listening to in this album, is this gold right here. 5 stars, don’t have to question why. This one here’s rarer than most songs out there.

What I don’t like

Overwriter (Track 2) kind of made me a little disappointed. With such great melodies, but Miku’s voice wasn’t really hyped. The melody was great, but when Miku’s voice is a little, dark? It just doesn’t work too well… I really wished it wasn’t dull. The melody had so much potential, and yet it just feels, missing… Like, it can be good, but it just couldn’t be good. Sorry, I just can’t enjoy this… Well, it’s sad because the beginning of the song got me giddy, then when Miku sang, well, just comes to show if you don’t use Miku properly, it won’t come out too great.

Personal Opinions

テクノロジーに夢乗せて (Track 3) isn’t too bad honestly. I like how it uses the phone’s sounds and makes it into a song. Some chiptune here and there too, but oh well, it falls a little too short to me, like something’s missing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not too bad, but, it feels a little empty. I don’t know if it’s just me, but you may find this interesting.

ひとりぼっちのユーエフオー (Track 4) is just a little too messy. Like, it feels like it’s way too cramped and just too confusing. It’s a little crammed I should say. It’s as if you can’t hear Miku at all. All you can hear is the loud music enveloping Miku’s voice, which is quite bad… Of course, it’s not too bad, but I just didn’t like it a lot. Yeah…


In conclusion, it honestly was a complete 180 compared to the intro. It feels like a true conclusion, like, wow… They’re my phone notifications! I’m serious! If you had a Sony Xperia Miku edition’s sound notifications! I can hear my alarms, my received message tunes and, wow… Haha, I personally like this a lot. It went down to my inspiration. I like this because of how combined my favorite tunes into one track. If you need the file with these notifications and stuff, feel free to PM me, I’ll send a link to you right away containing all the Miku Xperia wallpapers too!

P.S. The image you see above is one of the wallpapers!

Should you buy this album? : Maybe…
Will Deathspark buy this album? : Yes
Reason: I know, it doesn’t have a lot of tracks worth my cash, but I’m willing to thaw it out all of the sake of that one Packaged Remix. I’m serious, it’s that good.

3/5, it saves itself with the Packaged Remix. Otherwise, I’m slamming it down to 2.

  1. Packaged (Shipping in 2013 remix) was in DECORATOR E.P. too…and it was aweeeeesome. An extended version of Overwriter can be found in tilt-six’s album . These are masterpieces.
    And fortunately i owned both albums and there wasnt much juice in other songs as you’ve said earlier, i agree with you.
    So, will i buy this album? : NO!!!
    Thank You.

    • 🙂 Haha, back before Decorator was out, it was in that album, so you get the idea. And yes, like I said, maybe you should buy the album, but without that remix, no, I wouldn’t even consider it ^^;

      And I didn’t knew there was an extended version of Overwriter, I’ll check it out later.

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