MOtOLOiD Acoustic Library (Review by Deathspark)

This 43rd album wasn’t requested by any of you, but I needed to talk about it very badly. It’s MOtOLOiD Acoustic Library, an album probably not known by a lot, I think. It’s a compilation of several artists, so let’s get right to it. Now hold on, is this related to Vocaloids? Yes, I will explain why afterwards. By the way, the album is full of male voices. I don’t always step into this kind of territory, but now I am stepping all over it.

Album: MOtOLOiD Acoustic Library
Genre: Calm/Soft Rock
Tracks: 9 Tracks
Song Highlight: ポッケ (Track 1)

No intros in this album.

What I like

ポッケ (Track 1) [Pocket] by emon is what made me want to write about this album so badly, and this is the reason why it’s related to Vocaloids. No, it’s not because it’s made by emon. It’s because there was a Vocaloid version and it sounded amazing. I did say I’d give a 5 star if it was in an album. It was in an album, but the Vocaloid wasn’t a singer. Instead, I’m greeted by a beautiful singer which still made the song sound brilliant. In fact, it may be even better. My reason? The sound here is much more natural, with a calming and soothing voice and the best part, the melody and guitar. I really need to know the subtitles for this. From the song itself, I imagine a love story as a couple reunites after a long separation, until the girl leaves again for good. Harsh, I know, but it made me feel that way. It’s one of those songs that can put me to eternal rest with a smile. 5 stars, take it.

What I don’t like

I won’t hesitate to say that I only wanted to talk about this album just because of one song. Yes, Yuyoyuppe was also in this album, but I wasn’t truly impressed, unfortunately. The songs were either a little too slow or not interesting enough for me to enjoy. I guess the only song I liked was the gold ore within the huge pile of dirt. I must say, this album maybe priceless to some people, so give it a shot.

One notable song however, Kiss Me (Track 9) was apparently an acoustic version of the original Kiss Me by fu_mou, which made me feel a little better. However, I prefer the original, and yes, the singer is male as well, and the original is by any means, not related to Vocaloid, AT ALL. How is the original better? It’s much faster paced, much more exciting, much more party-like, which made it better, but we’re talking about this album, so we should probably save this for another day. Come to think of it, which was the original…? To double check, the original was released around 2011 in an album called ヒゲドライバー トリビュート (Beard driver Tribute based on Google Translate, what…?) so yes, this is the acoustic version since this album was released on 2014.


This album is for people who enjoy the soothing sounds of the guitar, grab it if you need some!

Should you buy this album? : Maybe? (50%)
Will Deathspark buy this album? : Perhaps… (60%)

Just because of one song by emon, I’m willing to thaw out my cash for it…

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  1. Your critic isn´t very correct,
    I have the full album, and Yuyoyuppe singing this was awesome, Yuyoyuppa… well, mysterious, Naoto Fuga (provider for KAITO) is a legend with his calm voice, Karasu Yasabou… composed a song what doesn’t sounds electro (rare thing) and the last track Kiss Me composed by Higedriver (that’s the name of the artist) is very strange too for not composed a electro track.

    I give this album a 7.3.

    Its acoustic, so it means will be so CALM, and SLOW.

    • There is no right, and there is no wrong, that is what the Buddha said, and I firmly agree to what he has to say.
      Your correct, may be my mistake. My correct may be your mistake. It’s all about perception.
      For you, it may sounds amazing, for me, probably not the best.
      Must I really slap the statement whereby all my reviews are based on my opinion…? ^^;

      Yes, most songs here are acoustic, that I cannot deny.

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