Must Know MikuDB Basics (By Ali60351)

Hello guys! I am the Community Section Admin. Today I want to teach you some basic things that will save your time as well as make things faster. Let us get started without further delay.


Reporting broken links

A lot of people already know this but a lot of you guys don’t. If you find a broken link there is a proper mechanism to report it instead of leaving it in the comments. It is not the responsibility of the Album Section team to read the comments thus they won’t know that you reported a broken link until someone from the Community Section tells them. This will lead to a huge delay in the conveyance of the message. I have explained how to do it properly in the picture below.




Requesting Mirror / FLAC

Now I will tell you where to request for a mirror or for a FLAC. You may specify the site on which you would like to have the mirror (for example Media fire, 4Shared or MEGA). If you need a FLAC you must specify so in the description section or your request will be treated as a mirror request by default.




Report Incorrect Album Art / Missing information

Now to tell you guys how to report Incorrect Album Art and missing information. This is almost same as the others. But make sure that you specify incorrect album art or what information is missing in the description area.




That’s all for today. If you have any confusion or questions feel free to ask in the comments. Thank you for reading!


    • I would like you to clarify a bit. I don’t think Malware can get inside that easily because once a user submits an album, it has to be verified by someone from the Album section before it come available to the users. But either way I will discuss it with Album Section Admin and if things go well I will make another post mentioning malware removal too.

      • I talked to the Album Section Admin and he told me that we are already taking security measure to make sure that doesn’t happen. And you are sure to be safe if you have an Anti Virus even if it’s a free one.

    • But of course, we have thousands of albums on the site, so if you find one that contain a suspicious file, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible and we will look through it. You can simply comment on the page.

  1. What about if there’re problems with the files, i.e. missing/wrong metadata, wrong filenames, missing tracks or encoding errors? Should I use the missing information form, or just comment on the album page?

  2. Also, you guys should probably keep this article on the front page for a while. Better yet, make a yellow or pink banner linking to it show up on every album page xD

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