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Imagine this, you need a mouse pad because you don’t have one or it’s torn and looks like trash. Planning to buy a Steelseries or a Razer mouse pad? No? Okay, how about a Miku mouse pad which is 70cm x 40cm? That’s huge and not to mention it’s your favorite character on it. The surface feels like a professional mouse pad’s speed type (there are speed and control type mouse pads usually).

Well, as you can see above, yes such things exist! Not to mention it won’t cost you a fortune either! To get what I got exactly, here you go to save your troubles (Phone quality sucks, sorry).

It’s RM60 (Approx 13.80 dollars) not including shipping prices. If you think this is pricey, take a look at Razer’s mousepad IF the size was approximately this huge.

It will kill your budget, literally. It’s 20 dollars more and trust me the texture feels ALMOST the same. I’m a gamer, I know my stuff. Sure it’s slightly bigger, but what if you aren’t a Razer fan? Most likely you’re here because you like Miku and like I said earlier, you wanted a mouse pad right? You wouldn’t have clicked this if you didn’t want one. Just in case you didn’t like the design I bought, well don’t worry. I didn’t say this was the only design available.

Look at all these beautiful designs you could score, all for the same price too! Still don’t like any of these designs? No worries! There are non Miku pads as well. Go do your own research, yeah? But what if you wanted a Miku design but none of these interest you? Well, you can custom make them! You can send them a custom picture and they’ll make it for you at the same price! (I think). Just contact them and they’ll try and help you. Anyway, I’m happy with my purchase (above), so I decided to share it to you guys so you could buy it too!

NOTE: Yes, I’m aware there are some online too, but I found this to be excellent so I trust em. You can go buy others if you like, but these are my recommendations. Also, I realize they only stated prices for Malaysia, I’m not sure if it’s for overseas, worth a shot to ask I suppose.

Okay, fine maybe you don’t need any mouse pads. But I’m not going to end it here. Here’s something worth checking out too.

Just like the link says, it’s a laptop skin. It’s great for huge laptops because it’s able to stick to 16 inch laptops. Perfect unless your laptop is the size of a behemoth. (I highly doubt that…) The design above is from Re:Dial, a song from livetune. If you like it go ahead and buy it. Trust me, it is good quality because I bought this, except not this design. Here, look at this:

(NOTE: The first image shows some cuts, but it’s not because it’s bad, I cut it because it was my first time doing it and I used a scissors. I’m the idiot here… oh and sorry for bad quality images, my phone sucks.)

Anyway, this design is beautiful but it is now gone (which makes me sad). Costing around RM38 (Approx 8.70 dollars) it’s wonderful because it lasts long and also looks pretty. Not to mention it looks as if it was still new, minus the scratches the idiot (me) made. There is only one weakness though. You can’t custom make these, which is sad unless you make huge batches of em from Stico, according to their Facebook page. I asked and they told me that you can make custom ones IF you make at least 200 of them if I recall. Shucks…
P.S. Why don’t we group up and make a custom one for all of it, eh? No? Okay…

Anyway, these are a few things you can pick up if you have the cash. Just recommending because I have them. I hope some of you may find this interesting because I did. Once again, all this is from Malaysia, I’m not sure if it ships overseas.

NOTE: If you are in Malaysia or visiting Malaysia soon, please come to Comic Fiesta. You can get these products at a cheaper price! Trust me as I have bought them from these Anime events. If you are scared to order online or plain lazy and want to feel it’s texture first, then by all means, come to Comic Fiesta or whatever events available and find the shop Toyzable. You’ll be able to find these! 🙂
Also, I’m not here to promote them. I simply like what they sold and since there’s Miku in it, I want to talk about it.

If you want to ask me more details about these products, go ahead and comment down below. I’ll answer them once I see them.

    • Well, if you can’t go to Comic Fiesta, order it online. It’s the only way I guess, but still, satisfaction guaranteed! 😉

      NOTE: Forgot to mention, Toyzable won’t just be at Comic Fiesta. Sometimes, they’d pop up at events such as Animangaki, etc etc etc (I’m not 100% sure) so whenever you visit an Anime convo or fest, please check if they are around. You may be able to snag them at a cheaper price 😀

    • Ouch! >_<

      Well, your chances are you can come to Malaysia during the Anime cons if you are lucky or find a way to purchase it and send it to USA.
      If that does not work, find alternatives! Like I said, there are more, these are just my recommendations.

      EDIT: Or… You can ask someone in Malaysia to help you buy it and ship it to you. Still works either way, as long as it reaches your hand!

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