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After a month of voting, with the voting ending in favor of for, we added the new functionality, enabling to everyone writing news & articles. As you alone discovered, MikuDB Is no longer just a website that you are visiting to download your favourite albums. We want more user engagement, transforming the website into a portal. Yes, we wanna be different from all other websites so far ( not even mentioning Vocaloid websites).

The form is very easy to handle and should make everyone comfortable using it. There are still some problems we are trying to solve, but you can always contact us and let us know what should we improve. To start creating new posts, simply you can by clicking on the green plus icon ( oh forgot to mention, I have added all those green pluses for even albums, videos, hopefully it will make easier for everyone to locate it). There are other ways to do it, everyone should find their own way that fit them most. For long posts, where you are unsure when may be able to return to writing, we suggest you to write them on your computer, then later just by simply copy and pasting submitting us the post should do. For some reason, the Draft function doesn’t work and we can’t fix it.

I truly believe this functionality is really special. Up till now, everyone could just create albums and videos, so the posts were not personal and it was more like a database. With articles it is different. Everyone can be more personal, be more open to the audience. Write about what you like, what interests you. With this tool, I believe you can discover new friends, create circle of people who adding you to their friend list, exchanging private messages! Do everything that you think is right.

Let me give you some examples about what to write:

  • You can write about fun/interesting facts
  • Also write about upcoming Albums, inserting a preview, information when released<
  • Review an album or a song you really love ( with a youtube, soundcould link etc.) -( why, and what songs are ur favs)
  • You can write about vocaloid news, I mean basically everything that is crossing your mind
  • News about upcoming events/concerts
  • New collections(upcoming, already selling, figures, etc…),


Since this is still an experimental feature, we will try to work on it and polish it. You can always ask us anything via Helping center or by the Contact form.



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