Nostalgic (Review by Deathspark)

Whew! We’re on the 50th album, quite a trip I’ve been on! Anyway, this 50th album is called Nostalgic by, whew? Wow, that’s quite a coincidence… Anyway, from the looks of it I may be expecting some calm stuff from this and the main star this time is Yuzuki Yukari I believe. Anyway, let’s get started.

Album: Nostalgic
Genre: Calm
Link: (Apparently it’s free!)
Tracks: 12
Song Highlight: Good night my sweetheart (Track 7)

There are no intros here I believe.

What I like

Good night my sweetheart (Track 7) is absolutely perfect for a background sound for a bar or some kind of town. The smooth sounds of the saxophone and the piano is just comforting enough for a town, which is why this goes straight to my Inspiration playlist. This song gives me the feeling of a very classy bar, an old one too. I can imagine the bartender wiping the beer glass as a pianist plays the song for everyone to listen to in a very busy bar where everyone is laughing and being happy after a long day of work. This song truly is perfect for an evening with some snacks. By the way, no singing at all in this song, which is quite ironic… This isn’t a song I truly like, but it’s enough for me to tolerate and enjoy a little.

What I don’t like

I must say… Since the quality of the file is only 128kbps (It’s free after all…) the song quality is highly affected and it’s a little hard to enjoy the song, especially with very high pitched parts for the song. With this, judging becomes slightly unfair because I don’t have the highest quality. However, if I want to judge the songs even with their best quality, I’m having a hard time enjoying it because the songs were a little lackluster. They are not very good, but not very bad either. Yuzuki Yukari’s voice seems to be very low in most of the songs here, and since the melody doesn’t really make me feel anything, the soft voice definitely isn’t helping. The songs make me feel sleepy not in a good way. They’re a little dull, which is why.


It’s free and you can try it. Be warned if you really care about quality as the only quality you will get is 128kbps, no more, no less, which is unfortunate. However, it’s worth a shot!

Should you buy this album? : Maybe? (50%) [It’s free anyway, so just download it]
Will Deathspark buy this album? : Most probably not… (10%)

If I need to pay for this, it’s a no. But it’s free, so I’ll just take it.

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    • Unfortunately, yes… Though it may seem unfair, sound quality does make me a little annoyed when I listen to music, especially when the music has very high frequency. 320kbps is tolerable, 256 is still okay, but 128? Oh dear… However, even if they are on the highest quality, I don’t think I’ll enjoy this album a lot anyway, unfortunately… Not my cup of tea I suppose.

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