ODDS & ENDS (Review by Deathspark)

This 26th album is no stranger to most people and also, it’s going to be very short. ODDS & ENDS has been talked before in Magical Mirai, so that cuts some slack, let’s go.

Album: ODDS & ENDS
Genre: Rock
Link: https://itunes.apple.com/sg/album/odds-ends-feat.-hatsune-miku/id593470653
Tracks: 4 Tracks
Song Highlight:

No intros, the album begins with the album title itself.

What I like

ODDS & ENDS (Track 1) has been reviewed already, please refer:

What I don’t like

Nothing bad, thankfully.

Personal Opinions

Sky of Beginning (Track 2) feels a little, missing. Oh, it’s by Jin? Whoops that may explain why. I’m not a huge fan of Jin and his style of music, which is a problem. I can’t enjoy it properly because it feels, missing and, probably not very energetic though it sounds like it. It does not have the energy I felt in ODDS & ENDS strangely, to me. It felt like it had potential, but hey, it’s my opinion, I bet someone loves this, but not me.

Both instrumentals honestly, are not as good without Miku’s voice, to me. Sure, the melody is there and you can feel someone singing to it, but if I were to listen to this for the first time, assuming I did not hear Miku sing this yet, I personally don’t enjoy both instrumentals. It’s, well, just fine I guess? Whatever, you can judge here too.


Should you buy this album? : Very likely (80% yes)
Will Deathspark buy this album? : Probably (70% yes)

Reason: Just for ODDS & ENDS, it’s a yes for me, not to mention there are not many songs in it.

4/5, it’s good, but not perfect.

    • The album is called “LESS” I assume? It sounded like review lesser on AVTechno (Which I don’t review at all, yet) so I’ll get to it soon 🙂

  1. Sky of Beginning is very amazing, Jin is very good artist but i haved only 2 song composed by he, I love this song because the PV is very impressive and let me dream at open eyes. The final part is my preferited part.

    If i can, i suggest you listen the “DeadBall Project”. Existing a lot of volume’s and i love DeadballP because with this album’s he’s a genius. Please listen 😉

    PS: sorry for my bad english 🙂 i’m Italian forgiveme

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