Orange Blossom Module Review

Orange Blossom Module featured in Decorator, Project Diva F 2nd

Orange Blossom Module featured in Decorator, Project Diva F 2nd

Good Smile Company Figure

Max Factory Figure of the Orange Blossom Module, sculpted by Grizzry Panda

I often find that a character design can enhance a song. Some songs just aren’t the same without their signature modules, so I’d like to draw attention to some of the best ones we’ve had the pleasure of seeing.

The Orange Blossom module was introduced in Project Diva F 2nd, and was designed by Nidy-2D-. It’s worn by Hatsune Miku, who has significantly shorter hair than usual, and one pigtail is discarded in favour of a brilliant hair piece, which is pretty quirky and which features a lovely flower and flowing lace ribbon.

The orange goes surprisingly well with Miku’s blue hair, the colour of which is continued throughout the design, which I think really ties everything in nicely.

Whilst the design features Miku’s traditional silhouette, it also alludes to older fashion, such as the heavy use of ribbon and lace, and the corset-style bodice. However, there is a strong use of a futuristic theme which is prominent in the socks, gloves, armbands and shoes. This gives it a new, refreshing and dazzling look.

Good Smile Company/Max Factory

Original Nidy-2D- poster for Orange Blossom Module

The way to obtain this fantastic module in Project Diva F 2nd, is to clear ‘Decorator’ (KZ) song on any difficulty. This amazing song goes hand in hand with the fantastic module, and is one of the many in the Hall of Fame.

This module is, in fact, so popular that Max Factory is set to release a figure of it in 2016! The figure is sculpted by Grizzry Panda, who really does justice to Nidy-2D-‘s original design. Miku is bright and upbeat, and her pose gives the dress, ribbons and hair volume and a sense of animation.

– CeresMongrel


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