Planetary Plate (Review by Deathspark)

8th album review. This time a blind album thrown at me, J Someone threw this at me (Won’t reveal who) but ah well, he said it’s his favorite album, so giving it a go I suppose.
NOTE: My reviews are opinion based. I’m not always right. Not everyone enjoys the exact same thing. J
Oh, and I’ll usually give it one time listens, one shot. So, if a song doesn’t make me go yay, it doesn’t get into the Song Highlight, so yeah now you know how I work.

Album : Planetary Plate
Genre : Calm / Electronica
Link :
Tracks : 15
Song Highlight : Drops (Track 11), 空想線路 (Track 12)

No intro in this one, straight away on the songs.

What I like

Drops (Track 11) made me feel like I was floating in the sky, maybe floating on the sea watching the sky. It’s English Of course, but a few re-listens would be required here to get the lyrics. The piano and the scenery in this song including a beautiful voice (Definitely not Vocaloid). The album says it’s by Blanc, huh, I don’t know who she is, but she has a wonderful voice. Honestly, since this a one shot listen, I couldn’t hear properly what she sang and I couldn’t find the lyrics online. I’ll do research in the future once I keep hearing it and have my own view on it.

空想線路 (Track 12) puts you in a forest like feeling, which is nice. Execution was there. It made that forest theme work out perfectly. Flutes, strings and piano, what more could I ask for? It puts you in a relaxed forest mode. I have a feeling I’d see animals, like a lot of it with this song. It’s like a fairytale song, so it’s nice to put this on if you are a fan of fables. I know I’m a huge fan of fables. J They call it stories for little kids, I call them stories way better than scrap I see today. Once again, not Vocaloid by the way. (Isn’t this supposed to be a Vocaloid album review, meh whatever…)

What I don’t like

Circular Logic (Track 7) is quite delayed, which is something I don’t like. It’s just repeating the same thing except adding more tunes into it as time passes. This kind of makes the tune repetitive and a little boring to me. Almost 1 minute and 30 seconds on the same rhythm, and I realize no Vocaloids are singing in here. No, it’s not because of that I don’t like it, it’s just, I don’t feel it in this song. It’s dull; yeah that’s how I’d call it.

Personal Opinions

パラレルワールド (Track 2) feels like something was missing. It would have been my highlight if that missing feeling was filled. It sort of felt, not enough instruments or not enough boom to impress me. That’s why it’s personal; some people don’t enjoy too many things at the same time. I like it when there are things going on and you can notice it, feel it. I don’t know how to describe it, but, I can’t picture anything from this song, so that’s why.

Room X (Track 8) has a very dark theme to it. What I don’t prefer? Dark themed music. So it’s a personal view. If you like songs that have a dark feel to it, well you may like it. To me, I was a little, uh…? Like I said, I’m not a fan of these kinds of songs and to say I hate it would be wrong because if you put this in some dark creepy stuff, it’d work. But for me, I personally don’t like this song, but it could be another story for you, so yeah.

Sinkhole (Track 10) isn’t really a song, but I like the atmosphere. It sort of puts you in an urban feeling to it, yeah. The song is around 1 minute, so nothing much to say here really…

白亜 (Track 13) is a continuation and for the first time in my review, I’ll talk about when I slap songs into the ‘Inspiration’ zone. Whenever a song isn’t really a song, but impresses me, I’d go like “Okay, this really made me feel something.” The inspiration zone is the zone where it makes me go “I will revisit this.” Though not the best song, but it does make me feel something and that’s why it deserves to stay at the inspiration zone. The fact that it’s not highlighted is because when it lands here, I will only say “It makes me feel, but will probably not go into my main playlist of favorites.” So next time when I say, “This goes to the Inspiration zone.” You can safely say the song is nice, but maybe not for a main playlist you’d like to let’s say put in your device to listen to.


This album has sweet voices and perhaps a mild feel to it.

Should you buy this album? : Maybe
Will Deathspark buy this album? : No
Reason: It has some songs to note, but maybe not because it’s not an album I’d die for.

3 stars would do, it’s not bad anyway.

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