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Good day, good day! This time around we’ll be trying out something heavier, so boost your volumes and prepare to head bang, cuz we’ll be reviewing a Yuppe album!! check him out: here

Been listening to this one more often among his other works, and I have to say, finding and downloading his works was a real chore. He has quite an extensive set of works spanning Touhou, Utaite, and Vocaloid. It’s all worth it though, give it a try and he might be one of your new favorite producers.

So “Planetary Suicide”, the name alone implies a dark theme already. Amidst the hardcore songs are two more casual sounding songs, namely: Track 10: The last 8 bars and Track 11: Cry-Acoustic-.

This album is the heaviest I’ve heard from Yuyoyuppe, and that would probably stay true as his newer albums are even less so. Admittedly listening to this album when I was new to the genre actually intimidated(scared) me a bit.

Favorite Tracks

I liked most of the songs, so making this list needed some time to make up my mind, but these ones win:

Track 2: Planetary Suicide
– Tracks 1 2 and 3 are meant to be played continuously, and they all line up pretty well, track 1 sounds very dystopian and paves the way for this one. They complement each other nicely; I find not pressing the next button worthwhile just to hear them play in continuity.

– I love the screams on this track, it sounds evil and sinister. The sudden vocal transitions from scream to clean is something I enjoy. The screaming is a hit or a miss, some people I know did not like it and some did. Admittedly listening to this when I was new to the genre actually scared me a bit.

Track 3: Cry

– Sounds exactly like a song for mosh pits. From Planetary Suicide to this, it’s just relentless. The screaming is again; a hit or a miss. But that double kick though, such head bang tunes.

– The bridge is like Yuppe’s usual, calm and providing rest. It keeps the song from feeling stale and repetitive, it’s the perfect contrast, Light and Dark.

Track 6: 贖罪(Google translates it as “Atonement”)
– My personal favorite on the entire album. Surprisingly, Miku could sing such a genre really well.

– The buildup and breakdown is what makes this such an enjoyable song for me, It’s very consistent to Planetary Suicide’s theme. Total despair is what this song is.

Tracks I didn’t like:

Track 5: Leia

– Okay, a LOT would disagree with me on this since this is Yuppe’s most viewed song on Nico Nico Douga, I can’t say it’s a bad song, but I can say I don’t like it as much as I want to. The drums at the intro felt overdone and I didn’t feel much change throughout the song. A chorus right from the beginning just didn’t work for me. Still worth listening to though.

– It’s answer song “Reon” however, is something I truly enjoy. But that’s something for another album.

Track 8: Prayer

– The song is too much for me. It just sang incomprehensible lyrics for two and a half minutes. But props to it for giving me a bit of a scare, and Yuppe’s drum skills unless that was a drum machine performing those ultra fast hits).

– Unlike his other songs, this one doesn’t have that relaxing bridge, and the aforementioned contrast is lost.


Truly one of the darkest Vocaloid albums I’ve heard, and it doesn’t do this by being obscene or by being creepy. It’s not dark like Sadistic music factory or Candy Addict. It evokes a feeling of despair and sometimes fear, even when you don’t understand the lyrics.

An album that does what it was made for. While hardcore and Metalcore is a genre labelled by some as typical and repetitive, this album adds many different experimental elements to it. So maybe it’s post-hardcore? Genres are confusing, but it’s definitely somewhere between those lines.

Should you try this album?

Yes if you don’t mind screaming Vocaloids. Otherwise it’s too good to pass up. Try it and judge for yourself.
But hey, maybe you’ve heard of darker albums? I’m actually looking for them, so let me know below!

  1. Yes i have a question, you are a retarted?
    This album is one of the best later of Story of Hope, For a Sick Boy and Wall in tne Presence, how the fuck you can do a review if you don’t like the music with this style?
    You don’t like the Vocaloscream or the Vocaloud, Metalcore or in that category.
    Please go back to J-Pop tag.

  2. This is one of the greatest albums that takes use of Vocaloid ever made. If Yuyoyuppe were ever to return to his signature style, I’m not sure that a new release from him would be able to surpass the quality of Planetary Suicide.

    The atmosphere of Planetary Suicide is fairly gloomy, and while it’s one of my absolute favorite albums, it’s far from the most grim thing I’ve heard. Since you asked for recommendations at the end, if you want something with consistently dark overtones that still expresses an immense sense of beauty, try Liberation Through Hearing by Inanimate Existence or Paracletus by Deathspell Omega. The former has emotions surging back and forth with tracks that are both violent and calm in their arrangement, but usually surprisingly subdued and mellow in their composition. The latter is able to achieve that contrast while including very few tracks that are instrumentally light. Heavy instrumentation and soothing melodies together is another way to get contrast instead of always relying on a “calm-loud-calm-loud” structure. However, if you didn’t like “Prayer” or “I am a super man.” (which I’m surprised you didn’t mention) off of Planetary Suicide, I can’t guarantee you’ll enjoy those releases.

    Personally, I was captivated by those two tracks. The speedy performance, lack of clean vocals, and lack of a “calm” segment other than a slow section with the guitar shrieking midway through “Prayer” provides a buildup to segue into the suffocating, full-throttle burst of emotion in “I am a super man.”, followed by the song’s triumphant-sounding conclusion. It shows that the album has had its highs and lows, and has reached its very peak toward the end.

    I can’t say I this album gave me a “scare” at first. Yuyoyuppe is who paved the way for my introduction to extreme metal, and this collection of songs was a gateway for me to see the beauty in more avant-garde forms of music.

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