Powa Powa-P (Siinamota)- (by Mikuaddict)

Each Vocaloid producer tries to create their own unique style, and bring something new to the table. Popular songs usually include: Vocaloids interpreting things based on their stories or having an ideal personality for the songs. If you have been into Vocaloid for a while, you would notice that even Vocaloid producers try to get their own original Vocaloid sound, so it would be easier for people to recognize their songs. In some ways it could be good, but it doesn’t help them improve their abilities, so at least once in a while they should consider changing the style they are trying to show.

What does this have to do with Siinamota?

Well during his career, you can see the huge work he puts in every song  and video, improving in his usage Vocaloid and trying new genres of music.

Anyway, we are talking about one of my favorite producers, and what he was able to show during his life.

But in respect to him, this article will not talk about his personal life, this will only contain his works just like with any other producer. Thank you.

Beginning and end

Siinamota build up an over of 10 albums and 56 songs during his career. His first song being “Ohaiyo” (good morning) and his last published work would be “Akai Pen Onegaishimasu”

BUT soon after Yuma Saito (the guy who has been creating in the videos or animation, that has been with several other producers) uploaded “healthy end”.

Strobe light

Siinamota’s most popular song series, a compilation of 3 songs with the same lyrics, but different beats and rhythm, has been rumored to be based on a manga  named “Strobe light” by Aoyama Kei. This again is not confirmed, but since there is only one volume, it would not hurt checking the manga out to compare the song and story.



Again, lets talk about Strobe light. A fun thing about the song is actually the animation. The animation was done by Kenshirou Morii, who has participated in several animations for Vocaloid. Including “Yume Yume” and “Rakugaki Picasso”. But if you are a big fan in anime you would recognize the same animations from the first season of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood credit song. The last time that  Siinamota and Kenshirou Morii worked together was in “3-Nen C-Gumi 14-Ban Kubozono Chiyoko no Nyuukaku. (If you listen carefully you might be able to hear a background singer! Can it be Siinamota?


Sadly, I am not in place to judge any Vocaloid albums or songs. Though a description of the songs in my point of view would be: “Gateways where the music blows my mind and makes me inspired”. Maybe most of the lyrics and his music may be sad, but in a way the writer still wants to show that “it’s okay and life happens” and “being afraid happens”. Giving at least realistic feelings that we have all felt once before.

Mikuaddict’s favorite (and recommendation)

Well this is the end of some facts about one of my favorite producers! But if you wish to see me write and find some fun facts about your favorite Vocaloid producer, then just comment below! Also, feel free to comment song recommendations from Powapowa-P! Have a nice week everyone.



  1. Another great article. I’m happy to see that more people enjoy Siinamota’s works; they truly are masterpieces. Equationx** and Q are some of my favorites, and I wholeheartedly agree with your recommendation of Astronauts, though Reol and Shiinamota’s covers appeal to me a bit more than the version using Miku.
    Looking forward to more of your good work.

  2. You know, The last music “Please Give Me the Red Pen” scares me somehow. It sounds like he wrote a suicide note or song…

    It terrifies me yet sad…

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