what powapowa p means to me

This is my first post so I’m sorry if it is not that good._Powapowa_P_Please_Give_Me_a_Red_Pen_fea_239952715_thumbnail

First of all, I suffer of chronic depression and suicide tendencies, thanks to this I was hospitalized and the only escape was in music, which I had only powapowa p music that helped me continue with my treatment.

So powapowa p was and is very important to me, he may never know how I am but he helped me a lot during the worst of my life.

The sad thing now is powapowa p committed suicide only days after I was released from hospital and I didn’t know until recently. This made me sad and makes me feel like he betrayed me, even if I dont know him personaly but I feel, as I said, like he was helping me.

To end this article powapowa p meant a lot to me like other composers, but I will always remember the irony of this, that the person that made me happy meanwhile I was sad, in the end was even worst than me.

Do you have a especial composer or group or even a song that helps you in some way?

Thank you powapowa p and thank you for reading this.


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