Problems with the database

Due to problems with the database, that was persisting from 11. June till 14. June, we were forced to run our backups. Unfortunately, the rollback caused some data loss. Albums, news, pictures, videos are fine, they should be up to date. However, what we more likely lost are comments, user activities and more sadly, new user accounts. If you are one of those, who activated your account around that date, please don’t be angry and register once again.

The problems were so severe, many of our staff members could not connect into page or run revisions/ new posts. It caused even to some our extensions to run havoc and making users displaying blank page. The process of recovery took a while, but it seems we managed to cope with it for now. If we find any other problem, we will let you know.

If you could discover any other problems, let us know immediately, through commenting on this post or contact us.

MikuDB Team

  1. I am very sorry about the problem with the database. A real shame to have lost a few albums, I would have preferred to sign up again rather than lose a few albums from the database, thanks to the hard work that we offer!

  2. Sorry for say this, but is a god idea have the server(s) in Singapore?
    I don’t know if that information can be real, i ear that

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