Producer Review! The Music Of Katsuru!!

When I first joined MikuDB, I never thought producers would notice us and talk to us let alone be a community member, so today we’re here to recognize one of our community producers,  Katsuru! Lets check out what music you make and maybe who knows we’ll see a song at a concert some day. Let us travel into your musical world of metal and electronic music. Although you have one more song, I wasn’t sure if it was just an instrumental song you made or a vocaloid one. Sorry for my irregular posting, band camp started and life just wants to be a big pain in the back. Lets gooo!

“Don’t you know feat. Hatsune Miku”
It’s a great metal song, but I was never the the biggest fan of screaming vocaloids. It seems a bit unatural for me due to the fact it seems very stained. Miku isn’t the best voice to use for screaming. The song only has small parts where this happens other than that the piano mixes well with the guitar, and the intro is very lovely with the guitar crescendo. There isn’t a lot for me to love or hate in this song, except the guitar is excellent and fits well together with the song. Miku was not the best choice for screaming, yet some parts are very fitting. 7/10!!!

“Another Tomorrow feat. Megurine Luka”
Now Luka on the other hand has a more of a whisper-y mature type of voice that fits for me in this song. This song is very nice, and I would say that Luka is a very good choice as the beginning parts are very well put together with the transition being a bit weird for me, but I quite enjoy how the music melts together with guitar, piano and drums, it just blend in a way that is the best. I know people will enjoy this song. The piano and violin ending was a great way to end out the song. 8.3/10

“Selfless feat. GUMI”
The electronic feel to this song is really nice and enjoyable. I’ve never seen a lot of people successfully use english well as some songs get really broken up on how the singing isn’t flowing and there’s too much enunciation in the words. Sometimes it’s better to not do that and let the words flow easier. What I enjoyed most is the music mixes together with the singing to create a much more balanced experience, yet there are times where it seems just a bit quiet and could use a bit more oomph. The drop is nice, but the screaming was a bit unexpected for this song. The string instruments leading up to the piano solo was a nice and continues through the rest of the song, it gets a bit more face paced and I would have preferred a screamless version. Maybe I’m not used to that in this genre of songs, but it fits well but some parts seem a bit jarring. I’ll give this a 7.95/10

Overall I enjoyed your music, Katsuru, yet I know some readers will enjoy this more then me. It was something I don’t really listen too often but I appreciate the music that you have. I know you have another song but I wasn’t sure if it was a vocaloid one.



Katsuru’s NicoNico

Katsuru’s YouTube

Katsuru’s Facebook


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