Racing Miku 2015 1/8 Scale Figure Open for Pre-Orders!

Okay, a lot of Racing Miku versions were popping up everywhere but first things first. The Hatsune Miku Racing Ver. 2015 is now open for pre-orders. And yep, let’s make a quick review of this amazing figure so that whoever wants to buy this figure won’t lock themselves in their rooms and cry to death in the end. But I’m pretty sure Good Smile really brings good smiles to purchasers, so don’t you worry, you’re in good hands.

So this is what Racing Miku 2015 looks like :


The 2015 design of Racing Miku, the official character of the Hatsune Miku GT Project, is being made into a 1/8th scale figure!

The figure’s design is based on Taiki’s illustration of Racing Miku as a ‘Princess Knight’, and has faithfully preserved all the details of the original illustration. The intricate outfit and dynamic pose all come together to create a cheerful Racing Miku that is sure to add new charm to any fan’s collection!

Here are some pictures of the figure:


I love how her hair was done. As to the pose, I don’t know why it has to be in that pose, marketing maybe? But it’s obvious that the figure emphasizes how her legs were wonderfully done and how sexy she is with a little showing of her bottom.


Ohh look at that. Our Miku is just really beautiful with that radiant and youthful smile, I think this figure really hits the spot.


Her costume was also superb with a little netted patterns on the side and the yellow frills. She looks just like a knight – a cute knight, not suitable for battles though.

The figure is priced at 13,800 Yen from Good Smile Company’s online shop, with an ending preorder date of January 20th at 9:00 PM JST. Preorders are expected to ship in August 2016.
This is really a great collectible for Hatsune Miku collectors out there. Better buy this, hurry! Don’t let this slip through your fingers.

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