Re:Dial (Review by Deathspark)

The 42nd album should be familiar to most of you out there! Re:Dial by livetune should be a very popular album to most electronica fans, including me. Nothing much to elaborate, let’s just go on with the review.

Album: Re:Dial
Genre: Electronica
Tracks: 15 Tracks
Song Highlight: Redial (Track 1), Tell Your World (Track 2), Packaged (Track 3), Strobe Nights (Track 6), Yellow (Re:Dialed) (Track 7), Weekender Girl (Track 10)

There are no intros in this album.

What I like

The album title itself, Redial (Track 1) is what you’d expect from a livetune song. Fun, catchy and gives you the feeling of jumping in the air. However, it won’t take a 5 star from me because it’s not the best. Yes, it’s a good song, but not an ultimately excellent one. Yes, you get the vibes from songs such as Yellow or Weekender Girl, but it doesn’t have a factor that makes you think this song is different than other Vocaloid songs out there. So yeah, it’s good, but not the best.

Tell Your World (Track 2) has been reviewed here.

Packaged (Track 3) should’ve been in my Classic Miku song list, but I can’t write too much you know? Anyway, this is another notable song which has been remixed a few times already. In other words, it’s popular enough to be remixed for a few times. The original is good, but livetune’s Packaged remix did better.

Strobe Nights (Track 6) is one of those beautiful classic songs that still sounds lovely until today. I love it because of the usage of Miku’s voice and the melody of twinkling stars, I guess? Back in Project Diva days (The very first Project Diva), this was my favorite song. You could say I loved this to death as much as I loved Tell Your World. It’s a song I hold dearly, and if you are a seasoned livetune fan, you will notice something in this album. This version is much more polished compared to the old Strobe Nights. I was surprised honestly and only realized it now. So, if you need the newer version of livetune songs, this album is a bang for your buck.

Yellow (Re:Dialed) (Track 7) is another old classic that still sounds wonderful until now. Once again, this is the better version of Yellow. The old one sounds a little rough, this one is crisp and clear. This song makes you want to jump and I could still remember livetune putting on a yellow sweater as this song was playing in Voca Nico Night. It’s one of those songs that makes you want to jump to the beat because of the thumping bass and rhythmic melody. I believe this song was also one of my top favorites which brought me into loving livetune’s stuff.

Weekender Girl (Track 10) is one of my 5 star songs until now. To imagine Hachioji and livetune working together to create this masterpiece. Was it good? It was heavenly. As one of the first songs on Project Diva F, I was amazed by both the clothing design and the song. The moment I heard this song, I was already slapping a 5 star on it. It has so much energy, Miku’s voice sounds so crisp and natural (In such a way that it sounds fluent) and I love the melody that plays as Miku sings. It’s one of those songs perfect for a dance. Miku has already danced it in Project Diva F, but I believe many other dedicated fans will dance to this song. I’d just happily jump to the melody.

What I don’t like

What?! You actually don’t like something? As a matter a fact, yes, I do have a few things I don’t like in this album. One of them would be Finder (Track 4). It’s a good song? To me, it was a little annoying. The beginning hindered me and the background sound is quite annoying. However, there was a remix that was perfectly, but once again, remixed by livetune. I guess it’s a tradition to remix his previous songs to make them sound way better.

Light Song (Track 5) is great in terms of nostalgia, but does it live up to today? Not really unfortunately. I admit, back then, I did like this song. But playing it back right now, it doesn’t click like how I used to love it back then. However, it’s not a bad song. I did say I liked it once, so this should be in the Classic Miku song list as well I suppose…

Magnetic (Track 8) is a new song in this album, but once again, it’s a slow one. You already know I’m not a big fan of slow songs, so this is not for me. May work for some people however.

Fly Out (Track 9) has been reviewed here.

Heart Beat (Track 11) is also quite old, but like Light Song, it’s nostalgic. I did like it back then as well, but I would repeat whatever I’d say from Light Song.

D.E.N.P.A (Re:edit) (Track 12) is an old song made better. Yes, it’s better than the old D.E.N.P.A, but it still doesn’t click for me. I suppose livetune wanted to try something new, but it didn’t click well for me. Once again, the same reason from Light Song.

Our music (kz’s The Beginning of The End remix) (Track 13) wasn’t a very good remix compared to the original, to me. I liked how powerful Miku was in Our Music, but this remix focused more on the club feeling, which didn’t fit well with the touching feeling this music was supposed to give. It’s not bad, but I prefer the original.

Tell Your World -English World- (Track 15) made me want to cry. I didn’t even want to open the file. The first time I heard it, I was trying to give it a chance, but no… I couldn’t. It proves that Miku cannot sing English for now. I can still remember the pain of hearing a bad version of Tell Your World. Never again will I let a hidden hot pepper in a sugarcoated candy enter my mouth ever again.


This is perfect for electronica fans, people like me really. In fact, I would dare say this is a must have, except I don’t have it, shucks…

Should you buy this album? : Most probably (80%)
Will Deathspark buy this album? : Immediately (100%)

If I found this somewhere lying around in a comic festival or something, take my money, it’s mine.

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    • Well, I want to, but usually when it comes to buying an online copy, my parents would destroy me @@; I rarely (almost never in fact…) make purchases online, so unless I see it in front of my eyes, I can’t purchase it, not won’t purchase it.

  1. True, but like I said, ANYTHING related to online purchases is a no for me ^^; As long as it isn’t physical, I can’t buy it, not won’t buy it ><

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