RenegadeMizu’s Favorite Vocaloids + Songs: GUMI

Greetings everyone! I’m starting a series of articles where I talk about some of my favorite vocaloids and songs that feature them. My current plan is to cover GUMI, Yuzuki Yukari, VY1, and of course, Miku.


So for whatever reason, GUMI has to be my absolute favorite vocaloid. I love her design, I love her voice, and I love most songs that she’s used in. Unfortunately, I can’t actually remember the first GUMI song that I’ve heard, but I’m going to assume it was probably Matroshka. Interestingly enough, I really don’t like this song. I’m generally a fan of strange sounding songs, but this one doesn’t resonate with me. It’s a pretty popular song however, so I feel like I need to include it in the article.

On to the songs that I actually do enjoy!

A Fake Fake Psychotropic

I enjoyed A Fake Fake Psychotropic so much that I actually wrote a short story based on the song (and the sequel, Disappearance Addiction) a year ago. Not only does the song have an interesting story, but the beat is insanely catchy. There’s actually a novel based on the song now that I’d love to read, if it’s ever translated.


Luvoratory! was my favorite vocaloid song (and my ringtone) for many months. Before listening to Vocaloid music, my favorite genre was Electronic, so I’m a sucker for anything that sounds remotely EDM. The art for the video is pretty great as long as you don’t suffer from seizures.

Setsuna Trip

I discovered Setsuna Trip in an unconventional way. I used to play Dance Dance Revolution quite a bit, and this song was in DDR 2014. Being a fast paced Vocaloid song, I instantly fell in love with it. Just listening to it makes me want to play some DDR again. If only I didn’t live on the third floor of an apartment :/


There’s absolutely no way that I couldn’t put Echo on here. It’s probably the most popular English vocaloid song, and for good reason. The lyrics are interesting, GUMI sounds great, and it’s just really fun to listen and sing along to. (P.S if you haven’t seen it. We have an interview with Crusher-P on our website!)


That’s it for my GUMI showcase. If you know any other great GUMI songs, do leave a link in the comments. I’m awful at discovering new music and could really use some recommendations. Thanks for reading!

  1. Ha ha, discovering good music is quite easy sometimes I’ll look through new releases or click on vocaloids and look for interesting music. Or ask your fans for help and make a google form or something.

  2. Gumi is my favorite, too! All great song choices, and there are too many other good ones to list. A few notable ones I like: 1, 2 Fanclub by MikitoP, Tokio Funka by takamatt, Mr. Melancholy by DevilishP, Shayou and Blackhole Artist by Utsu-P. I usually go to VocaDB to find new music.

  3. GUMI’s my favorite too! She sounded human especially with Giga-P’s tunning! I usually stick with DECO*27, Hachi and Giga-P’s works of GUMI’s songs <3

  4. hey, you must check-out another gumi’s song in album “EXIT TUNES PRESENTS THE BEST OF GUMI from Megpoid”. Very recommended..

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