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I was trying to come up with some kind of a order to review all the IA THE WORLD albums, but I think I’m just going to do it in released order. Here is my review of the first ever IA THE WORLD compilation,  IA THE WORLD ~HIKARI~.

But enough with the useless info, on with the review


1. Altered Sky, millstones feat. IA

Not a very good intro to the IA THE WORLD series, this is more of an electronic song that happens to have IA as the vocal.  The electro music is definitely the focus of the song, with very limited singing from IA and most of the time she is just providing back vocal to the beats of the music. I actually like this song quite a bit, but I think that the first track on the first ever IA THE WORLD album should highlight IA’s amazing vocal range.


2.Chaos in My Head, devilishP feat. IA

Music: typical devilishP’s hard rock style, great instrumental, with especially impressive guitar tracks.

Tuning: IA’s voice sounds very flat, and the guitar overpowers the vocal at times. IA ROCKS would be better suited for the song, but the song was made before IA ROCKS’ release.


3. Childhood Blues, Last Note. feat. IA

A good change of pace after devilishP’s song. This is a good example of a soft rock song, more of an emphasis on the vocal than the previous song. The original IA V3 release is also better for slower tempo, mid/high voice range song like this one. Definitely a solid recommendation for the fan of the soft rock genre.


4.Innocentia, SunaP, Matsuoka Miyako feat. IA

This should be the first track in the album, it is the exact opposite of Altered Sky in terms of style. I don’t normally like slow tempo songs, but the IA’s vocal is simply stunning in this song.  SunaP does not disappoint, my favorite song in the album, by far.


5.Captain Little, Jin feat. IA

Yes, I am about to fill my monthly quota on s***talking Jin. Typical Jin song, this is comparable to Kisaragi Attention in the Kagerou Project, except it has flat tuning, no climax, repetitive guitar backing.  Worst song in the album, maybe the contrast between this and the previous song is just too much, but this is bad even by Jin’s standards. This is also the only Jin song in the entire IA THE WORLD series (thank god).

I hate Jin so much, I bought a 4ft x 7ft Kagerou Project poster, made a custom plexiglass frame for it,  and hang it up in my bedroom, to remind myself how much I hate him.


6.Sweet Girl, daniwellP feat. IA

Cute song, I like cute songs. That is all

7.Sekai wo Aisuru Shunkan ni, Koyori feat. IA

Another slow tempo mid vocal range song, nothing really too special.


8.Toge wo Daku Shoujo, Nem feat. IA

Similar to the previous song, but with better tuning. The added violin and piano is a nice touch, a nice relaxing song.


9. Imitation Air, PolyphonicBranch feat. IA

Not the best IA song by PolyphonicBranch, it’s actually his worst… I don’t think he is too good with tuning IA.  But I don’t blame him since he mainly use THAT other vocaloid.


10. Please, World, HitoshizukuP, yama△ feat. IA

See track #7


11.The Earth’s Final Confession, kemu feat. IA

This is an IA cover, originally a gumi song. And yes, this is the same producer who made A Tale of Six Trillion Years and a Night. A very good cover,  it’s not  better than the original.  But both version sounds very good, while being unique in their own way.  Just go listen to them both.


12. Sun Came Out, halyosy feat. IA

See track #7


I had a few glasses of fermented grape juice while reviewing the album.


Not my favorite IA THE WORLD album.  I don’t really enjoy slow tempo songs, since I play Guild Wars 2 while I listen to music most of the times. The album have 1 very good song, a few good songs, a  lot of average songs, and 1 song by Jin.  A good album to buy if you like slower songs…


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