Second wave of T-shirts are here!


After the first wave of our T-shirts, it seems it was very succesful in many ways. We managed to sell over 30 T-shirts. Many of you have messeged us wondering when we will be selling them again because some of you have missed the first wave. Don’t worry, here they come! We learned alot from last time, there were problems with the form, the notification of payment and parsing the payment with the form order. To make it easier, we reworked the form and making it much more easier now for you, but also for us.What we managed to change is to lower the price. They are now cheaper! Are you uncomfortable with a white T-shirt? How about a black one! 

Yes, we also heard your prayers about white T-shirts and huge logos and that it would make you uneasy to wear it outside, having concerns about people looking strangely at you. The logo is now smaller. You can now go outside and let people know you are a Vocaloid lover and a part of the MikuDB Community! For those who like a bit more color, we recommend the white one. If you fancy a darker color, then consider a black shirt! Can’t decide about black or white? How about both!

Size Chart

                 Chest Length                                Shirt length
S       :               48                                              68
M      :               50                                              70
L       :               54                                              72
XL     :               56                                              74
XXL   :               58                                              76

Additional note for MikuDB

Additional ordering of T -Shirts ( without shipping and for merging orders)

Only for people who already paid the order and shipping and want to order more ones! (This price is without shipping and we will merge the orders!)


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