Single Selection #2: SenzaFine’s Pretend feat. CYBER DIVA

This week we have a single from SenzaFine, which wasn’t that hard for me to find. This little album was hidden in my old phone which I was cleaning out. Last year I ran into this album in the New Releases section and decided to check it out. SenzaFine mostly creates remixes and only has 2 albums (this and another one). Maybe I’ll review the other one also at a later time. The Vocaloid used in this album is CYBER DIVA. CYBER DIVA is not really noticed that much in our community because we don’t have too much of her on our website. For those who don’t know, Cyber (abbreviation for CYBER DIVA) is an English Vocaloid developed by Yamaha.

Track #1: Pretend – SenzaFine feat. CYBER DIVA

It starts off with piano music and it does a great job with the transitions. In the song, Cyber doesn’t sing as much as most would expect. From what I’ve seen, Cyber is more suited for use in Hip Hop songs. I’m not calling SenzaFine out for using her, because even though the vocals aren’t present for too long, the music compensates for it and I have to say that the music is one of the best in my opinion. 4/5!

Track #2: Pretend (Instrumental Mix) – SenzaFine

Usually the instrumental version of a song isn’t that special, but I have taken a liking to this one. The music is brought out better in this one and I enjoyed it more than the original. 4/5!

CYBER DIVA Vocaloid Wiki

SenzaFine Info

Single Link MikuDB

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I realize that some of you might be wondering that where have my album reviews been over the last two weeks. With everything going on in my life right now, I only have about 1-2 hours of  free time a day, but I’ll be back next week. This will probably be a biweekly type of article I will do along the regular album reviews. A review of re:TUNED will be out soon!

I’d get this album and recommend it to the people who like easygoing DnB music as well as those who are looking forward to trying out new things. Maybe I’ll check out more of CYBER DIVA some other time.



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