Snow Song Show (Review by Deathspark)

We’re still in the winter season (I think, Malaysia doesn’t snow…) and I’ll give another winter themed album! It’s the 21st album so far, we’re going back to DECO*27, sasakure.UK, yuxuki waga and whoo! I don’t know the other two, yet so let’s figure it out yeah?

P.S. I made a comparison of all the Snow Mikus, but I didn’t really mention about this Miku right? The Santa Miku? I’d like this Miku too honestly, too bad it wasn’t an official Snow Miku.

Album: Snow Song Show
Genre: Electronica/Dance/Calm
Tracks: 8
Song Highlight: Snow Song Show (Track 1) and あめふる宇宙 (Rainy Universe) [Track 3]

No intros again, what a trend. I guess most winter albums don’t like intros.

What I like

Snow Song Show (Track 1) is a combination of DECO*27’s great guitar composition and sasakure.UK’s chiptune twist. Does it work? Surprisingly, yes. This song is suitable for a game about delivering presents. Well, ever heard of Taiko no Tatsujin? Well, in the PS2 version, it had a mini game, a Christmas mini game where you throw presents into buildings. Well, I can imagine this game when listening to this song. Love the way how it starts off with a music box, I’m a sucker for music box melodies. Here:
It’s about Miku saving Christmas, yay! Kinda, you get the idea. Anyway, aside from all that, I noticed something that I didn’t notice until now. When Miku mentions she decides to become Santa on the 27th of December, she said it is kinda like her name, oh, hm… December, 27, Deco, 27, well played.

あめふる宇宙 (Rainy Universe) [Track 3] is like a match made in heaven. Yuxuki Waga and Whoo? You know I’m a sucker for these two after talking so much about them in my past reviews right? Well, I never knew they worked together! Yuxuki Waga and Whoo’s styles go well together. I don’t know how, but it feels right. The tempo is nice and Miku’s voice has a feel of winter in it, like a slight echo? I’ll be honest; back in 2012, when I first listened to this I didn’t really like it THAT much. Why? Well, on the same year, Tell Your World was out, and I’m more of a sucker of electronica back then. Slowly, I developed my love towards songs made by whoo and Yuxuki Waga. So, today I gave it a shot again, and boy how much did I miss out 3 years ago? This is awesome! But no 5 stars though, it’s good, but not really good, can’t tell why. What the song means? Well, about winter I guess, that’s all I’ll say:

What I don’t like

I just can’t like Brinicle (Track 4) and the artists, urm, who are they…? 宮沢もよよ × 村上くるる it says, according to Google translate, Miyazawa Moyoyo × Murakami pivot, huh, okay… The song feels, very, inconsistent for some reason. Slow, fast, slow, and, uh, messy? I don’t know why this song is just off, I can’t find how I can like this because it’s a little chaotic and I can barely enjoy anything in this song. It’s like you’re trying to get the best out of both worlds, but even when you know it doesn’t work, you try anyway. The result, well, not really that great.

Personal Opinions

Have I mentioned that I kinda like kous a little, but not a huge fan, yet? Well, here’s a song that I thought I may like. 足あと4つ (Four Footprints) [Track 2] by kous and siinamota? Okay, I know kous, but not siinamota. Anyway, it feels wintery, but, it’s a little slow. Like I said, I have a problem with slow music. Once again, slow songs are not for me. Though I can imagine this song being used as background music if you don’t want it too loud.

This song has 8 songs, but 4 of them are just instrumentals. So, all of them except Brinicle gets into my inspiration. Why? They sound like great winter backgrounds to me! In fact, I intend to use Rainy Universe’s instrumental in one of my upcoming videos in my channel for my school assignment. Trust me, it’s versatile. In fact, Four Footprints is great too, I’d use this any day too. I chose Rainy Universe instead because it’s longer. But hey, if my video gets too short, I can swap it with Four Footprints! Great tracks!


Though it’s an old album, I still think it’s one of the best Christmas themed albums out there. Highly recommended if you like Christmas and winter like I do!

Should you buy this album? : Yes.
Will Deathspark buy this album? : Yes
Reason: Well, if I do find it of course. I can’t online order due to reasons but hey, if I do find a physical copy, I won’t hesitate.

4/5, well it does have great tracks, but not all of them.

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