So What (Review by Deathspark)

Jumping onto the 51th album, we have an album called So What, yeah, it’s literally called So What. I have absolutely no idea what  to expect honestly, but let’s see what we get. By the way, Sonika’s the singer this time around, so it’s good to shift some gears. The artist is AdyS, no idea who, but we’ll find out now.

Album: So What
Genre: Rock/Techno/Trance/Calm
Tracks: 10
Song Highlight: None.

No intros or whatsoever.

What I like

None of the songs, yes… none.

What I don’t like

For some reason, some of the songs felt unnecessarily noisy, it’s as if the creator needed to cover up the Vocaloid’s voice with all of the sounds, which resulted in a mess. Usage of the Vocaloid? Not the best, I believe it’s English, but I can’t even understand ANYTHING. I tried, but seriously, I couldn’t even tell what the song is about… What I can say is, the creator has a lot to learn. Even when the songs aren’t too loud, when I do get the chance to hear the Vocaloids, the song becomes a little dull, not enough kick to make me excited I suppose. Even when I did understand what  the Vocaloid was singing, I wasn’t truly impressed because I couldn’t enjoy the song. It’s unfortunate that none of the songs was able to catch my attention, most of them just made me feel bored.

But to defend the album, perhaps the style of song just doesn’t fit what I like. Yes, I do understand that there are fans who enjoy rock songs that are a little slower, but not for me. So if you somehow liked this album, perhaps your taste isn’t my taste in music, unfortunately.


If you want some slow rock or give Sonika with some English a shot, perhaps you may try this.

Should you buy this album? : Not sure… (40%)
Will Deathspark buy this album? : No (0%)

Definitely way out of what I like. It’s lackluster to me, but it may appeal to someone else.

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  1. Ha ha, I was going to review this but alas, first come first served! This album felt meh. Adys’ Cyber Diva albums are much better though.

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