Song Recommendations From MikuDB-Staff! (By Mikuaddict)

What and Why.

I am probably not the first to come out with this idea for an article like this for MikuDB. But for now I’ll make it into a more general topic. What am I talking about? Well if you have any problems in finding new songs, don’t know what album to download or maybe Miku is just not your type of Vocaloid, maybe I can help you out! So anyway, these are the people that work here in MikuDB. From Album, Community and even Article section, we are all friends and hope we find the right song for you!


Role: VIP staff, who pretty much is in second position in MikuDB. Also known as Mom.

Favorite Song: The ultimate favorite though is probably Senbonzakura by Kurousa-P


“Call me basic people, but truth has to be said. This was the song that got me into the whole Vocaloid world. One fine day I was bored so I decided to download the Miku Expo in New York concert. I started watching it and Senbonzakura was like the second song, and BOOM – instant love. I always love tunes like Senbonzakura. This is probably the only song that I know the complete lyrics to. The catchy tunes at the beginning of the song, the lyrics, how Miku was tuned, the keyboard solo followed by the guitar solo. What is there not to love?”


Role: In charge of the Community section.

Favorite Song: The Endless Love


“The song I selected is mostly instrumental. Lets say that the music makes me relax and the minimal lyrics we get are awesome.”

Since the song is 8 minutes long I would prefer that you check it out here:

The Endless Love

Speedy Zooba

Role: A member of the Album section.

Song: Travel Beyond The Moon – vilP (GUMI and SONiKa)


“People usually say that I have a diverse taste when it comes to music. Actually, not that much. I just like soothing and energetic stuff. This is one of the soothing ones and my favorite one. Although the vocals kinda sound wonky (not that much, just a bit) I love the tune and the verses. SONiKA’s parts and GUMI’s rapping parts are really catchy. I don’t recommend the Kagamines’ version though. Short and the vocals’ tuning is- eh, can’t call it good. Listen to the original, I hope you’ll love it!”


Role: Who is also an Album section member.

Favorite song and also the reason:

“I have many favourite songs, so I will choose one which is not well known amongst them: UtsuP’s An Alien’s I love you as performed by Miku. Which entails the hardships of a biologically different individual. If Utsu remastered this particular song and utilised someone other than Miku, I will not hesitate to call him bad names if we ever meet as well as spamming his YT channel with bad things. I have better choices, though. It’s just that this one is the one I can articulate well.

The same predicament exists with albums, I’ll gauge the albums with my own specific score. The best album based on that score is KLEP002 WageSlave


Role: Chat monitor.

Favorite song: 玻璃の海 Hari no Umi


“I can’t remember where I’ve read this, but I heard that this song was made in response to news about a young boy in Japan, who was abused so badly that he died from his injuries. It helped me a lot during difficult times when this song came out. But I fell in love before I knew what it was about (my Japanese wasn’t too good then) because anything kaoling touches sounds amazing. Music, tuning and lyrics are all so perfect, so kaoling. There are a bunch of amazing covers of this song that I like as well.”


Role: Member of the Article section and Community section.

Favorite song: Hand in hand


“A quite popular song to explain, hand in hand really breaks you into little pieces and fits perfectly for any concert that especially is Magical Mirai!

The songs explains how you should always look up at the future and hold your hands out for new experiences and to always look up!  It was picked to be the ideal song for Magical Mirai since “mirai” means “future”, so hand in hand would also say “hold out your hands for Miku”.

Also the music is great and perfect song to give anyone a smile!”



Role: Our great editor! (*cough cough* Hello! >///<)

Favorite song: Drowning in a Wave of Sadness by Neru


“Well its very relatable to me and I love screaming along to it when I’m sad or mad. Which makes me feel a lot better. It has made me feel a lot better when I was in a bad place. The lyrics are clear and reach deep into my soul.

And it’s part of a story which is told very well, songs like: Terror(ism).


Role: Our best artist!

Favorite Song: There’s Supposed to Be a Cheat Code for Happiness (UtataP, Yuzuki Yukari)


“Well, it features a speaking Yukari. ( she does it so well) It also feels so, kind of, like very realistic, but there’s also the slightly detached feeling of treating it like a game. Utatap’s music is just great in general, with wogura’s artwork. Yukari’s voice is so good.


Well that took long to make! Thank you to all people who gave me recommendations for this list! Comment below something you would like to recommend! Anyway, if your waiting for my recommendations of music, that would be for another article!

See you soon!

  1. Favorite song: 0 “Birth”

    Reason: I hated vocaloid until I heard this song. Absolutely hated everything about it. This song changed it all. Prog metal insanity with Miku.

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