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I’m inspired to make this as I listened to a wonderful song, but I can’t talk about them because they aren’t in album! Shucks, so I decided “Hey, can I just take a bunch of them and review all of them in one go?”
Why yes, yes I can. So here we go. I’m not sure if I will continue doing this, but if you guys want more, I can do it!

1. Pocket by emon

This song is what got me into trying to write something about these songs. Why? It’s so good and I can’t just keep it to myself. As I have stated in some of my reviews, emon’s songs are usually very exciting and it always makes you want to jump. But this time, emon’s song actually made me feel calm and mellow. It’s beautiful and I will not believe it if you told me this was made by emon. It’s almost as if a completely new artist made this, it feels so, whoo-ish (an artists who makes calm songs) or Yuxuki Waga-ish (another artist who makes calm songs). Yet the song has a touch of Dixie Flatline to it (an artist that has a touch of electronica in his works). This song will get my 5 stars if I find it in an album.

2. Kunoichi demo  koi ga sitai by emon x Mikito-P

What I said about emon being very bright and happy, yeah, this is what I meant. This song is exciting, fresh, quick and collaborated with Mikito-P? I’m not sure who he/she is, but the song is good enough to catch my ears. I wonder, is this a song in Project Diva or something? Oh wait…

Huh, it does exist, BUT! This is the original version! The version I provided was by emon, and which is better? Usually, I will say original is better, but sorry, I guess I’m too much of a sucker for emon. Emon’s version was better for me. Anyway, worth checking out!

3. Oriental Mind by Ocelot

This is one of those songs where it sounds good not only because it sounds good, the story is deep and sad. I loved how the song has that strong orient and ancient feel, yet mixed with some modern style. This song is amazing. I usually don’t like very slow songs, but this is is quite good for a slow song. It’s a beautiful story wrapped in a beautiful song, you must see the subtitles and trust me, you’ll enjoy this trip. This song is one of those examples I’d like to say “A song that brings you to a new world.” This song perfectly brought me to the past, watching this story happening, even when there’s no video showing anything.

4. Heart a la Mode by DECO*27

I have no idea why I haven’t added this to my collection even after confidently screaming this is a 5 star. No matter what I do, I can’t download it from the official website: Which makes me sad because I bloody love this song. It’s light, and it’s about coffee, wait, what?! COFFEE?! HOW COULD A SONG ABOUT COFFEE BE THIS GOOD?! It’s excellent because of it’s pacing and also, it retains what I loved from DECO*27’s works, proper guitar streaming and a charming melody. If anyone can provide me the link for this song with the highest quality, notify me ASAP! I really want this song in my collection…

5. Sugarvine by Dixie Flatline

This may be the last one I heard from Dixie Flatline with a song, but it does not disappoint. What makes this song good though, is its slow Luka V4X voice alongside with Dixie Flatline’s style of making his songs. The story is fine, but as usual, I always say Dixie Flatline is like Taylor Swift, always related to break ups or love. I’ve talked about this before haven’t I? The song is catchy and not as upbeat if you compare it to some of Dixie Flatline’s other works, but that does not mean this song is bad. It’s perfect for relaxing, trust me, even the image is relaxing.

6. Moody Echoes by Rhodz

Oh my Deathspark, what is this?! This is Miku, but not made by a Japanese producer? Wait, Miku isn’t really singing a lot in this song, but why? That’s the thing, to make me impressed, there are many ways, one of the ways is banging it out with groovy music and from what I heard, it uses lyrics from Tell Your World (I think?) because I recall livetune posting this on his wall, which made me like Rhodz. If you searched further, this is just using Miku’s voice in one of his songs. Rhodz seems to know how to use Miku’s voice properly in a song though she doesn’t sing and do they sound good? Hell yeah! Try searching up Reflection of Happiness, Dream Fiction, Endless FantasyJourney and Hakken. Trust me, it’d be a unique ride, and I loved this ride.

Hope you enjoyed these songs or read what I have written! If you want more, tell me about it. I’m more than happy to share more!

    • Personally, I felt that it was nice. Well, yes, perhaps Dixie never used Luka V4X to her fullest extent, but I actually liked her voice in this song, but it usually all comes to preference and perspective.

      • So i did some digging through the internets, i couldn’t find a single flac or 320kb file i trusted to download for Heart a la mode, i mean, nothing, it’s impossible, the only one that i found is the album Bitter Sweetie that’s here that i was originally released on.

          • Like I said in the post, I wish someone got the file before I couldn’t access the web or something and share it somewhere, that’d be wonderful.

  1. Heart a la mode, i need this in my life, i need it, not having it is not an acceptable option. its about coffee, its upbeat and happy and everything about it is well done.

  2. *Gives myself a huge slap to the face*

    Kids, this is why you never respond to a comment when you are half drunk ^^; And yes, Pocket is magnificent. My mistake, I take all the blame for being careless XD

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