Song talk – keeno, whoo, and More!! –

As everyone knows, The Vocaloid community is huge, with thousands of songs and hundreds of producers, so it can be a little intimidating to find new songs or producers you like. You have plenty of options from downloading random albums to exploring the depths of youtube and NND one video at a time. And that’s why i’m posting this! If you are stuck in a slump and want to listen to something new or want to find another artist similar to what you already like this is the place to find it. I’ll be posting a series of articles reviewing and discussing popular producers and similar producers you might enjoy. (For example, if you like Keeno you might like Whoo, etc.) Feel free to either comment suggestions or PM me if you like me to cover a certain Producer.

The first producer I chose to discuss is Keeno! His songs are heartbreakingly beautiful, his most popular one being “glow”. The melodies are sweet and soft and his tuning of MIku’s Dark append fits beautifully. There are several albums on this site that include him, the best are in the rain and before light (which I am currently listening to). And I must say these albums are perfect to listen to on a rainy day.

Like in my aforementioned example, if you like Keeno I think you’ll like Whoo (or vice versa). His songs have the same relaxing quality while being a little more cheerful. I think his songs have an almost adventurous feel that is uniquely his. THere are quite a few albums on this site, my favorite being Sekai no Hajimari.

Next is Ryuryu or binyuP, depending on where you look. His music takes on a more serious tone while also sounding vaguely mystical. Very beautiful a peaces songs mainly featuring Hatsune MIku. My Favorite albums of his is Homeland.

Now onto one of my favorite producers, Nekobolo! His songs can sound cheerful, but usually the words are pretty dark. His most popular song is Tawagoto Speaker, and my favorite is Self-harm Colorless. My favorite album is Dot. although Text is a close second. If you haven’t heard of Nekobolo I definitely suggest you give him a listen!

  1. Nekobolo probably sounds like Utata-P.
    At first I was like “this song is cheerful and cute.”, and after understanding what the lyrics meant I went “this is dark….I like it” 😀

  2. Yay! I suppose you could help me, i’m searching something similar to GigaP (in No Title), KagomeP (in DQN Style), yksb (in Styral).
    Please n_n

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