Stories Told by Vocaloids (by Mikuaddict)

Some people think it would be a good idea to put Vocaloids in an Anime, and then there is a huge amount of people who just hate the idea, since Vocaloid was made to be the opposite. Instead of a solid personality taken care by just a few people, Vocaloid is used by the audience to create a more wider idea of what an idol can do. But that doesn’t stop people from creating their own “fan-fiction” Some of these songs are given to much detail in each song, turning fans into Vocaloid theory hunters or just making people more confused about the nonexistent Vocaloid anime. Let’s start. Once upon a time…


Hatsune Mix and Chibi Miku-san



This is a great idea for anyone who wants to laugh for a few minutes.

Hatsune Mix is just random comics of adventures mostly of the Vocaloids of Crypton Future Media, created by KEI who made the official design of Hatsune Miku. The manga has little plot and has no connection with the other stories in Hatsune Mix, making it easier for anyone to buy any random selection of the Manga.

Chibi Miku-San, created by Minami, is a more slice-of-life kinda manga, centered around Chibi Miku-san while she interacts with various Vocaloids meanwhile living in the Kagamine’s household while her older sister, Hatsune Miku, goes on her singing tour. What makes this little manga great, is how cute the relationships are and how they interact with each other, even if the Vocaloids rarely speak.



The Evillious Chronicles and Saga~Night

These songs are considered classics to the Vocaloid community, but the issue here is that people don’t know how deep these songs can be.

Evillious Chronicles is famous from the popular songs “Servant of Evil”, “Daughter of Evil” and “Regret Message”. The creator of this series, Akuno-P, has made 16 different albums dedicated for the whole series, the first song uploaded to the series is “Kotoba Asubi”.

He also later uploaded other songs like ” seven crimes and punishments” , and “Ma survival” making everything have a connection with each other. Each character is well written and Akuno-P always makes sure that their personality has a purpose. By the way, some fans have created their own endings; the most popular would be after “Regret Message” after the deaths of the all the characters they would all be reborn as Vocaloids. Akuno-P has said that this was a false ending. This would be an easy way out but a really a confusing ending since Akuno-P has used the same Vocaloids to do various different characters. If you have no anime  to watch, here is a Vocaloid Series to get into.

“Seven crimes and Punishments” would be the perfect song to describe the series: check it out!


Now if you want something more simple that takes a few songs to complete, then Saga~night is a good choice. It all takes four songs in the whole series, each song starts with the same story but with a different toon.

A villager gets lost in a Forest and finds a huge mansion. The villager decides to ask to stay a night in the mansion , meanwhile the servant, butler, dolls, the lady, the master and his wife are all happy to have her as their guest for the night. They all decide to have a party but at the end, everyone has to go to sleep. The villager then wakes up really scared and shocked because the time has stopped.

No more information for now since it might become a spoiler!

Here is the second part of the series:


Does Vocaloid have an anime ?

Quick answer : Yes, but not the one you are expecting.


Project 575 was basically a slice-of-life and comedy anime. Both main protagonists are Vocaloids developed by Sega, probably to help sell their new game based on these characters. And that’s all. There was nothing special about the anime besides the Vocaloid protagonists. It still doesn’t hurt to watch this, but I would recommend just to watch any other series.

And the “other series” is called, “Vocaloid China Project”, this anime came out for the Chinese Vocaloid “Luo Tianyi”. These episodes are rather short, no longer then five minutes but it shows a cute animation with the Luo Tianyi coming to earth as an Angel but having to transform into a Vocaloid. Enjoy the full first episode!

Now that we’ve finished, is it a really good idea to get Vocaloid a series? May the war for an anime continue, but for now,  let this story end. THE END



  1. Just a heads up, the creator of the Evillious Chronicles is called mothy (acronym for master of the heavenly yard,) not Monthy- the image you used says it too. Please fact check your articles! The Evillious Chronicles is composed of multiple albums, not just one- the series has 56 songs currently and one album for all of them would be a bit messy, haha. He also did not start with Daughter of Evil, but rather with Wordplay, though it’s debatable whether or not he actually had the intention to begin the Evillious Chronicles with that upload. He also has no songs titled by ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ or ‘MA,’ though I believe you meant ‘Seven Crimes and Punishments’ and ‘Ma Survival.’ The song that you stated was copyrighted is also still available on YouTube, under mothy’s own account, even (search 七つの罪と罰 .) Like I said, please review your own articles to ensure that false information isn’t spreaded, especially for something like the Evillious Chronicles which is absolutely full of it as is. I don’t mean to be too harsh, and I apologize if I came off as such. Thank you for your time.

    • Woah don’t worry, thank you so much for correcting me and checking my article! I’ll make sure it gets corrected, but Evillious Chronicles is not the only thing written there, there’s a bunch of other things to check out! So maybe a full review of my article would be better? Thank you!

      • The rest of the things in your article seem great! Unfortunately I don’t know much about the other series discussed, but you definitely seem to have a knack for writing articles; this one in particular is very engaging and fun, much like your other works, and I will definitely keep an eye out for your future works! (:

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