My favorite albums of 2016!

Hey everyone! 2016 hasn’t been the best year so far to say the least, however, in the world of Vocaloid, I believe some of the best Vocaloid/Utaite albums have come out. Today, I’ll be telling you about my favorites. I hope you enjoy this article, and will consider listening to some of these too. I’ve […]

Classic Vocaloid Works: “Do Vocaloids Dream of Doomsday Birds” by / Album Review by Petridisch

Hello there everyone out in MikuDB-land! Petridisch here bringing some focus back to some ‘vintage’ and truly classic Vocaloid albums. Today I’ll be ‘discussing’ the major-label debut of the fairly famous and highly respected producer, Expertly titled “Do Vocaloids Dream of Doomsday Birds?”, this year-2000 release absolutely blew my head off upon hearing it […]

We are POP☆CANDY! Album review by YumeMiku39

  So yeah this is the first time I’m having a crack at this so ‘scuse the oddities and possible strange formatting, I’m still growing accustomed to the interface XD So I decided to start with a relatively new album to me. The old school “We are POP☆CANDY!” that graced us with it’s presence on […]

Benzen \(^o^)/(Review by Yamishiro)

Owata’s second album is something you maybe have not heard yet. Despite the fact that now there are hundreds of Owata’s fans whose favorite songs lists are literally flooded with his Benzen series works, this album hadn’t gained much popularity back in 2009. The 18-track disc features one of his most notable works – Paradichlorobenzene – as well as a […]

re:TUNED, reviewed.

  …yup, that’s a pretty awkward post title, but whatever. This time there’s something special from us: a collab review of a compilation (in itself another collab) album. It began when one day I thought, “hey, wouldn’t it be nice to do a collab review with echan.” To my surprise, she welcomed the idea. This […]