Where are you now P-san? (by kyotohime)

“パッパッパラッパパパラパ あれはきっとパンダヒーロー” “Pa-pa-pa-lah, pa-pa-pa-la-pah,  surely that must be the Panda Hero.” -Panda Hero “教えてダアリン ダアリン ねえダアリン” “Please tell me, darling, darling, darling.” -Lynne “継ぎ接ぎ狂ったマトリョシ” “I’m a mad Matryoshka covered in patches.” -Matryoshka Do these lyrics ring a bell? If you still don’t remember it, how about the name hachi (ハチ)? Do you remember now? That year 2009 where hachi began posting songs in NND and was known as one of the producers who rose to fame […]