My favorite albums of 2016!

Hey everyone! 2016 hasn’t been the best year so far to say the least, however, in the world of Vocaloid, I believe some of the best Vocaloid/Utaite albums have come out. Today, I’ll be telling you about my favorites. I hope you enjoy this article, and will consider listening to some of these too. I’ve […]

We are POP☆CANDY! Album review by YumeMiku39

  So yeah this is the first time I’m having a crack at this so ‘scuse the oddities and possible strange formatting, I’m still growing accustomed to the interface XD So I decided to start with a relatively new album to me. The old school “We are POP☆CANDY!” that graced us with it’s presence on […]

Song talk – keeno, whoo, and More!! –

As everyone knows, The Vocaloid community is huge, with thousands of songs and hundreds of producers, so it can be a little intimidating to find new songs or producers you like. You have plenty of options from downloading random albums to exploring the depths of youtube and NND one video at a time. And that’s […]

Nude – 明太Rocker (Demo’s review)

– This Album Has a Parental Advisory – Today is a full album review. So get your Rock pants on, because you’re going to be crushed by paper- no, Nude is an album meant for those ready to headbang their way from beginning to end. I have to admit that I am a metalhead, but […]

GROW – SOSOSO (Demo’s Review)

Not many of you know me… but you can call me Demo! I’m here to give you guys some Vocaloid song reviews that will get you into the grooving spirit, wanting more and ultimately find more music for your ears to scream “THANK YOU!” But as of today, we will focus on an album from […]

[Album Review] The Form of Dream: FuwariP da yo☆ ~yume no katachi~

Konnichiwa, we finally have our news/review/article corner. just keeps on expanding wider. One of the reasons why we have this new corner is to spread more love towards vocaloid, especially if we find something interesting, but that’s probably because of the popular trends, they didn’t get enough attention. There are vast amounts of vocaloid […]