New Type and NEUTRINO: Software Changes and AI Singers

You might have heard that some pretty significant news has dropped over the past few months on the software side of Vocaloid and voice synthesizers generally. Here I’ll be taking some time to summarize what we know about these developments and briefly consider what implications they might have for Vocaloid and voice synth music. The […]

My favorite albums of 2016!

Hey everyone! 2016 hasn’t been the best year so far to say the least, however, in the world of Vocaloid, I believe some of the best Vocaloid/Utaite albums have come out. Today, I’ll be telling you about my favorites. I hope you enjoy this article, and will consider listening to some of these too. I’ve […]

Vocaloid Extravaganza! (By: hwiseph)

Hello everyone, I’m hwiseph, and I’m a new addition to the community! I wanted to start out this article by talking about the songs that piqued my interest into Vocaloid. Surprisingly enough, Hatsune Miku and her iconic leek weren’t the things that attracted me to Vocaloid, but it was the duets, trios, quartets, basically […]